Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Al-Qa'ida Spokesman Explains September 11 and Declares Intentions to Kill 4 Million Americans with Weapons of Mass Destruction. Hello is anybody out there listening??? Cut the political correctness and get anti-American visitors (that are non-US citizens) OUT OF AMERICA!! As previously posted, the Islamofascists nutjobs are not fighting over territory, they are fighting to transform the world into an Islamofascist paradise (guess they are seeking to diversify the virgin pool...) -- from the above linked MEMRI translation: "How can [he] possibly [accept humiliation and inferiority] when he knows that his nation was created to stand at the center of leadership, at the center of hegemony and rule, at the center of ability and sacrifice? How can [he] possibly [accept humiliation and inferiority] when he knows that the [divine] rule is that the entire earth must be subject to the religion of Allah - not to the East, not to the West - to no ideology and to no path except for the path of Allah?..."

A poll released yesterday by the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) finds that no less than 17% of American citizens can be classified as "hardcore" anti-Semites. 1,000 Americans participated in the survey, which, for the first time in ten years, shows an increase in the number of Americans with anti-Semitic attitudes. The findings show that 35% of both the Hispanic and African-American sectors are "strongly" anti-Semitic, although only 3% of college and university students can be classified as such. Almost three-quarters of the "most anti-Semitic" Americans said they felt the US has been tilting too much towards Israel. Read more.
Another beautiful young life, brutally cut short by terror. Hadar Hershkowitz, 15, was murdered by a suicide bomber while walking with a friend outside Jamil's shwarma grill on Rehov Sokolow. A friend, also a student at Ze'ev Jabotinsky Middle School in Herzliya, was seriously wounded in the attack. She was to have sung and danced this tuesday at her middle school graduation in a special performance of fairy tales created by the students. Keep reading.

Been wondering what the Palestinians really want? A poll by the Jerusalem Media and Communication Center, a Palestinian think tank, recorded an increase in extremist views held by Palestinians, pollsters said. The survey, released Tuesday, questioned 1,170 alestinians and cited an error margin of 3 percentage points.
It found that 51.1 percent of those surveyed believed the Palestinian goal of the conflict was to "liberate all of historic Palestine," a reference to all the land between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River, including Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. In December, 43.9 percent held that view. [Yup, that means, no more Israel] However, a Palestinian pollster said public opinion was volatile and an Israeli political scientist said he expected more moderate views to dominate if peace talks resume. [Ya, right] Read on.

From the Jerusalem Post: Israel forced Syria to slap itself in the face yesterday.
Last week, Ambassador to the UN Yehuda Lancry sent a letter blasting Syria for its involvement in terror to the president of the Security Council which just happens to be Syrian Ambassador Mikhail Wehbe. Lancry asked Wehbe to circulate the letter as a Security Council document.
Syria, in its capacity as council president, had no choice but to accede, or else open itself to complaints of not objectively fulfilling its role. Wehbe circulated the letter yesterday.
"Israel is appalled that a member of the Security Council continues to lend its support to organizations committed to the deliberate murder of civilians," the letter read.
"The international community must demand that the government of Syria immediately halt its support for the terrorist groups to which it grants safe harbor in its territory, and abide scrupulously by its international obligations and the resolutions of the Security Council."
Although acknowledging that this is not necessarily a "giant step for mankind," one Israeli diplomat said the small victory in diplomatic protocol does help Israel in its campaign to focus the world's attention on the absurdity of having Syria head the Security Council. Keep reading.

Saw the ambulances flying by last night as I was driving to a friend's house - there was a terror attack in Herzelia: A Palestinian suicide bomber asked for a glass of water, then calmly blew himself up at the entrance to an eatery in the heart of Herzliya last night, killing a 15-year-old girl and wounding 15 others. Read more.
It is odd how such a shocking event has become the norm - the human spirit is self protective and keeps the pain at bay, doesn't let you feel it all the way through all the time. When things get really tough it helps to remember that if you add up all the Israelis killed since the War of Independence, in war and by terror, are less than the number of Jews that were killed in one day in Auschwitz or Treblinka. The daily tragedy is enormous, unbearable, earth destroying, for those who lose a loved a one, but at least Jews are no longer at the mercy of others.

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Just came back from a swim in the blue blue Med. love the sea in Israel. it is salty and clean and turquoise and the perfect temperature. i swam all the way to a wave breaker in the middle of the water, and just laughed from happiness. Life is full of such beautiful moments. Israel is an almost unbearably beautiful country sometimes.
Yesterday I heard on the news that IDF found and dismantled two explosive packed cars, and the US arrested an Islamofascist that was planning on radiating the Capital. The war of our generation is between those who love life and those who worship death, and seek to destroy all sources of joy. We have no choice but to persevere and vanquish those that wish to destroy us. And we must keep our hearts pure and even in our darkest hours keep seeking beauty and love. I heard one more thing on the news - IDF rescued a deer that was chained to a fence by a Palestinian militant who had also sawed off its antlers. The deer is now happily grazing in a wild animal sanctuary. (by the way, there is a gorgeous safari not to far from Tel Aviv, where one can drive through and see lions and deer and other lovely creatures in their natural habirat.) Also, Israeli surgeons rescued the sight of the Russian woman (not Jewish - though her grandfather was) who saw a sign reading "Death to the Jews" in Russia, tried to remove it and was blinded when it exploded in her face. A Russian Jewish businessman arranged and financed her flight and surgery.
Last but not least...check this out - EU SUSPENDS FUNDING TO PA IN WAKE OF TERROR VICTIM SUIT

Just checked - a few more updates:
Three Israeli youths were wounded in a roadside bombing close to the community of Sadeh Calev, outside Hebron a short time ago.

Two more Palestinians lynched by their brethen for aiding Israel.

Zeidan Zeidan failed in his suicide bombing mission and now has second thoughts. Rethinking his fate in an Israeli hospital bed, he has decided he wouldn't want to die. Next time he would open fire at Israelis with a rifle. "I would become a fighter, and if I saw any Jews I wouldn't hesitate to shoot them, but I wouldn't want to hurt myself."
The terrorist is being treated in an Israeli hospital and in fact sharing a hospital and world-class treatment with victims of another terror attack. Across the hall in the intensive care unit, Tamara Elishkov's daughters keep vigil over their mother, who crawled away from the burning bus on June 7 with a broken leg. Read more.

Today in history...
As reports of further restrictions and ill treatment of Jews in Syria and the Soviet Union reached Israel, the government intensified its international efforts to rescue the remaining Syrian Jews and to secure international support for the demand that the Soviet government allow the Jews to leave the country.
More information on the persecution of Jews in Syria.
More information on the persecution of Jews in Russia.

1979: Following the signing of the Israel-Egypt peace treaty, the government intensified its policy of establishing new Jewish settlements in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza district. Soon, a wide-ranging debate started in Israel on the pace of settlement and the location of the new sites.
In light of the debate Prime Minister Menachem Begin said, “One recalls times when it was asserted that the presence of Jews was of itself a provocation; and if now there are Israelis of certain outlooks who accept the assumption that the presence of Jews alongside Arabs in our historic homeland, Eretz Israel, is a provocation - then shame on them. We have the full right to settle in all parts of Eretz Israel, and such settlement is also a vital security need to prevent the murder of our citizens and children…”
More information on settlements.

1982: Minister of Defense Ariel Sharon, “Since 1968, Palestinian terrorists operating from Lebanon, has brought casualties in Israel and in Europe to the figure of 1,002 dead, 4,350 wounded. Lebanon became the center of world terrorism. In the last year itself, more than 2,000 terrorists from all over the world, almost from every terrorist organization upon earth, got their training, briefing, and equipment in Lebanon.
We warned again and again that we would like to prevent any military operation. We used every diplomatic channel to make it clear that we can’t allow a situation where Jews are murdered and assassinated. And we repeated that again and again and again, for years, but with no results.
Therefore the Government of Israel decided on the 5th of June to attack the terrorist P.L.O. bases in Lebanon, in order to destroy them, and in order to create a strip which will be clean in the future from any terrorist presence or activity. We had to establish this security belt in order to avoid terrorists shelling our civilian population along our northern border…”
More information on the PLO.

Monday, June 10, 2002

Flew into Israel this gorgeous morning. The flight was quite a heartwarming experience. I was sitting between a husband and wife - he a Holocaust survivor from Romania, she from Uruguay - they met in Synagogue in the States 50 some years ago. Two of their children now live in Israel. I asked why their son decided to move to Israel, and his mother told me - he was beaten by hooligans on the way to Synagogue and decided he wanted to live somewhere where Jews were a majority, somewhere he would never have to cower, never have to worry that he stands alone.
There was a palpable feeling of solidarity on the plane, a feeling of "we are all in this together." There was an air of love. I have not seen this in a long time, and I was very moved.
By the way, if you've never flown to Israel - I think it is the one and only country where you'll hear clapping when the plane lands (probably a composite of relief at having made it through alive ie "whew, they didn't get us this time" and happiness at being home.)