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A study in contrast:
Homosexual couples can now register as married in Tel Aviv. [thanks to MidEast Truth for the heads up]

They just better not continue on to Egypt for the honeymoon... A discussion by Egyptian press on why and how homosexuals should be killed.

To paraphrase Elana S, despite its brutally oppressive neighbors, Israel is more progressive than most of the Western world.
Fear and loathing at 'The Economist': Bret Stephen discusses the magazine's habitually anti-Israel slant. This article is a must read. Some choice paragraphs:
For years, Jewish groups and media critics have aimed their fire at CNN, National Public Radio, the BBC and The New York Times. They don't know what they're missing. To the editors of The Economist, Israel is America's "often awkward" (June 27) and "pampered ally" (April 6). Israel's defenders, notably Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci, are prone to "scatological excess and testicular obsession." Prime Minister Ariel Sharon represents Israel's "uglier face" (October 7, 2000); he is a calculated liar (April 21, 2001), whose modus operandi is "calculated brutality" (March 10, 2001). In electing him last year, Israelis were in a "bolshie mood" (February 3, 2001).
The right-wing parties in the national unity government are "scary"; indeed, they are "wolves" (February 2). The only way to prevent the Middle East from "burning" is for the US to intervene "swiftly and much more neutrally in the conflict." Which is to say, on the side of the Arabs.
For The Economist to take this line may seem a surprise. In the main, the magazine champions laissez-faire economics and veers right politically. (It endorsed, albeit with reservations, George W. Bush's presidential candidacy.) What's remarkable about The Economist's coverage of Israel, however, is that while other right-leaning British publications -- The Daily Telegraph and The Spectator in particular -- have taken a broadly pro-Israel line, The Economist has gone the way of The Guardian and The Independent, the country's far-left broadsheets.
Stranger yet is that it does so not for traditionally Tory Arabist reasons -- Britain's interest in cultivating good relations with the Arab states -- but instead on the ostensibly humanitarian grounds championed by the European left...
IT WOULD BE an insult to the editors of The Economist not to suppose that a logic informs their reporting and editorial writing. Indeed one does. And it is not the belief that "there is no quick fix, and certainly no military fix, to violence," although this is a theme that recurs frequently in the magazine's pages. Rather, as the editors wrote on April 6:
"Palestine does not fit the September 11th template. For this is terrorism harnessed to a deserving cause: the independent statehood that America itself has taken pains to say it supports."
Put another way, The Economist does not want to see a Palestinian state created in order to end the violence. For them, the end game is not peace in the Levant, nor even democracy for an eventual Palestine. The end is "justice" for the Palestinian people, justice virtually by any means necessary, and justice at the expense of Israel...
Yet never has the magazine expressed itself more plainly than in its June 27 editorial on Bush's Mideast speech. Nor, in my recollection, has it ever expressed itself so angrily about anything. The speech was "the dampest of damp squibs," which could "just as well have been written by... Ariel Sharon." The speech, wrote the editors, was also a puzzle, since "Mr. Bush is after all no Zionist," and "oil has been good to the Bush family."
Coming from a magazine that had endorsed the president, the line contained all the rage of a betrayed spouse.
Most telling, however, was the question the editorial openly posed: "Who are the bad guys?" President Bush, the editorial complains, plainly thinks the bad guys are Palestinians "compromised by terror." The Economist, plainly, thinks they are Israelis, compromised by settlements...
I BEGAN this piece by citing what in my view is the single most egregious line published in any mainstream magazine about Israel in recent memory. "Israel is a superior country with superior people: its talents are above the ordinary. But it has to abate its greed for other people's land." The Economist, October 7, 2000
The implication is clear. Israelis - Jews - are unusually clever. And Israelis - Jews - are also unusually greedy. This is, of course, a transparent anti-Semitic canard, the most enduring and the most obvious. The editors of The Economist could not but have known what they were doing when they wrote those words.
It is, of course, always important not to jump to damning conclusions on the strength of a couple of sentences. But as novelist Cynthia Ozick has noted in this context, "It all adds up."
"Some Israelis disagree strongly with the policy of collective punishment. Most neither know nor care."
"The election of Mr. Sharon... invites alarming speculation."...
"Mr. Arafat built up shadowy armed groups alongside the official police, and these groups now conduct 'terror' against Israel."...
"This is terrorism harnessed to a deserving cause."...
"Mr Bush is no Zionist."...
"Israel is a superior country with superior people: its talents are above the ordinary. But it has to abate its greed for other people's land."
It all adds up.
Read the whole article.

Friday, July 05, 2002

I'm kind of baffled to hear that law enforcement is withholding judgment on whether to label the LAX attack as terrorism. Taking an object lesson from what happens in Israel, Arab terror comes in two different varieties:
1. planned, coordinated attacks - suicide bombings require someone to assemble the bomb, someone to take a pre-murder videotape of the terrorist, someone to drive the terrorist. Normally one of the terror groups claims responsibility for such an attack. The attack on the WTC clear fell into this category.
2. individual, low effort, minimum coordination attacks. Stabbing is one example, ramming a vehicle into a group of people is another, and a third is this: Arabs used to throw nail pyramids - several nails tied together so no matter how they fall a sharp end would always be up - into the road so Israeli motorists would blow out a tire on the highway and crash.

The point is, Al qaeda doesn't have to be somehow linked to an attack in order for that attack to be considered terror.

Israeli Transportation Minister Ephraim Sneh said it well:
Sneh said Israel's experience as a target of terrorism made the assumption [that this was an act of terror] logical -- and that it didn't matter if Hadayet was found to have connections with known terrorist organizations.
"The question is not if he is affiliated to a network of global terror," he said. "His motivation, and maybe his affiliation, is the question."
"We presume that when El Al passengers are attacked by a gunman at an international airport, we believe this is a terrorist attack," said Sneh. " 'Til proved otherwise, this is an act of terror."
U.S. law enforcement's point of view (which imho needs to be updated to reflect the global crisis situation we are in) is represented by FBI agent Richard Garcia as follows: Garcia conceded Sneh's point, but said that the FBI "cannot operate on that assumption."
"The ingredient is if we can associate this individual with a known terrorist organization, if we have information that he started his own terrorist organization," or if comments from associates or documents indicate such an association, Garcia said.

Now, just think for a moment people. If this guy went to a mosque where the mulla was preaching "blessings for whoever has saved a bullet in order to stick it in a Jew’s head" (if that sounds familiar it's cause I quoted it from one of the official Palestinian Authority sermons) and took that advice to heart and went and shot himself some Jews, what the hell more does the FBI need in order to describe this as terror?? Are people sleeping????
It's time we start to LISTEN TO WHAT THE ISLAMOFASCISTS ARE SAYING: Mahmoud Al­Zahhar, a Hamas leader in Gaza, told the Israeli Arab weekly Kul Al­Arab, "Two days ago, in Alexandria, enrollment began for volunteers for martyrdom [operations]. Two thousand students from the University of Alexandria signed up to die a martyr's death. This is the real Egyptian people." (translated by MEMRI)

Garcia also said "So far we have no indication of any prejudices against any sort of religion or nationality."
Hello?? Um, an Arab shooting a group of Israelis is not an indication of prejudice? Are they assuming by some random chance all the intended victims pissed this guy off by sleeping with his wife or running over his dog???

UPDATE: Abdul Zahav, a man who said he worked for Hadayet until he was fired two years ago, said Hadayet once told him he hated all Israelis.
Sunday, the London daily "Al Hayat" revealed that Hesham Muhammad Ali
Hadayet, met twice with a deputy to Osama Bin Laden in 1995 and 1998 in Egypt. It has also
been separately reported that in Irvine, California, Hadayet had Koranic verses of Jihad
tacked to his apartment door.
Hadayet had also recently said that "Israelis tried to destroy
the Egyptian nation by sending prostitutes with AIDS to Egypt."

"Part of what terrorism has become," said Bruce Hoffman, author of the 1998 book "Inside Terrorism," "is inspiring people to take matters into their own hands and act on their rage." (quoted by the LA Times)
If I were him I would have said "act on their hate" but either way the implications are clear - terror is terror is terror.

UPDATE: debka reports a link between this Egyptian terrorist and Gameel al-Batouti , the Egyptian pilot that purposely crashed EgyptAir flight 990 on October 31, 1999 near Nantucket Island killing all 217 people on board. If you want to read more on that crash - here's an in depth analysis by William Langewiesche in the Atlantic.

Thursday, July 04, 2002

Here is an e-mail from a member of Alan Keyes' staff who indicated that it was NOT low ratings that caused MSNBC
to drop "Making Sense with Alan Keyes" :

Last Thursday was the final program. Without notice to the audience, MSNBC abruptly pulled Alan Keyes from the air.

You'll have to ask "management" the why question. If they tell you ratings, this program had better ratings than the replacement show in our timeslot after July 15, Ashleigh Banfield. Don't buy it.

You can call the President of MSNBC, Erik Sorenson, at (201) 583-5050 to complain. You can also send him an e-mail (please send a new, separate e-mail) at:

Thank you for your support. Tell your friends!


A Renegade Staffer who will continue to answer e-mail as long as I have access ;-)
Israeli newspaper Maariv reports that a surface to air missile was fired at an El Al plane en route to Moscow. The plane has safely landed in Moscow. If this sounds all too familiar - remember this:
A flight from Israel -Siberia flight 1812 - was downed over the Black Sea on Oct. 4 by a surface-to-air missile, supposedly accidentally blown out of the air during a Ukranian naval training exercise . The plane was carrying 64 passengers, mostly Israelis, as well as 12 crew members, all of whom perished when the plane went into the sea.
Too coincidental for me. Seems that someone over there is intentionally aiming at planes carrying Israelis.
From Israel National News: "Two persons were murdered in the shooting attack at the El Al counter of LAX Airport in Los Angeles on Thursday, an El Al clerk and a male in his forties.
The shooter, a 52-year-old male, was armed with a handgun. He opened fire at the crowd waiting to board LY106, an El Al flight scheduled to depart for Tel Aviv via Toronto, where it was to have picked up another 75 passengers. Officials report about 90 persons were in the area waiting to board the flight when the gunman opened fire at the El Al ticketing area in the Tom Bradley Terminal of LAX. 46-year-old Yakov Aminov of Los Angeles was murdered. He died on the operating table. Aminov was taking friends to the airport when the attack occurred. Also murdered was an El Al employee, in her 20s.
The gunman what shot and killed by El Al security personnel."

FBI officials stated it was too early to know for certain if it was a terror attack - excuse me, but if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck, chances are, it's a duck. If the age of the terrorist is known, then clearly his name and ethnicity [ie Arab??] are known as well. Why is this not being reported anywhere????

UPDATE: Yuval Rotem, Israel's Consul-General in Los Angeles, said that discussions he had with Israeli security personnel at the terminal after the attack corroborated media reports saying the shooter was identified as an Arab, or Middle eastern, male.

More on El Al.

UPDATE: Well, no shock here, the terrorist is confirmed to be an Arab. Authorities identified the gunman as 41-year-old Hesham Mohamed Hadayet [41 years old], who originally was from Egypt but had been living in Irvine, California. Investigators were asking for the public's help in obtaining more information about the man.
46-year-old Yakov Aminov of Los Angeles and 22 year old Vicky Chen, an El Al ticket agent, were murdered in the attack. 61 year old Sarah Phillips was shot and wounded.
On this 4th of July I am thinking of all the American soldiers that have given their lives to protect the U.S.A. I am thinking of the most moral of statements, the recognition of the founders of the United States of the right of all men to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
These words from King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table seem very appropriate in these difficult times:
"We will fight for all those who ask for help,
we will be gentle to the weak but terrible to the wicked"
Let all free people of this world stand together and fight the scourge of fanaticism and terror that threatens our civilization.

Wednesday, July 03, 2002

This from the WashingtonPost via OpinionJournal:
"A Pakistani tribal council ordered an 18-year-old girl to be gang-raped in order to punish her family after her brother was seen walking with a girl from a higher class tribe," the Associated Press reports from Multan, Pakistan:
According to the victim, the Mastoi tribe demanded punishment after her 11-year-old brother was seen walking unchaperoned with a Mastoi girl in a deserted part of the village. The boy and his sister are from the lower class Gujar tribe.
The Mastoi tribe called a meeting of the tribal council, which ordered the girl to be raped to avenge their tribal honor. The teen-ager said she was taken to a hut and assaulted as hundreds of Mastois stood outside laughing and cheering.
The AP notes drily that "Pakistan has a tradition of tribal justice in which crimes or affronts to dignity are punished outside the framework of Pakistani law." That's a hell of an understatement. What kind of barbarians restore their "honor" by raping a woman who wasn't even responsible for the purported offense?
The NYT adds detail:
..she had begged for mercy as four men dragged her to a room and raped her on the order of a village jury, but none of the hundreds of bystanders would help her.
The woman and her father said no one from the crowd dared to object to the verdict of the traditional jury of village elders because they feared for their lives. "They kept dragging me toward the room," the woman said, speaking in a television interview from Muzaffargarh, a town near Meerwala, her home village in the central province of Punjab. "My father, uncle and myself begged for mercy from them and the people sitting there but no one came to our help."
...A recent report issued by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan estimated that a woman is raped every two hours in Pakistan, but it said most sexual assaults went unreported because of the social stigma attached to such charges and the difficulty in proving them. In Punjab a woman is raped every six hours and a woman is gang-raped every four days, yet only 321 rape cases were reported to the police last year, the report said.
This report highlighted by Tal G. :
At the Gaza rally, one activist from the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, an armed group linked to Fatah, pledged over a loudspeaker that any Palestinian openly challenging Arafat's leadership would be a dead man.
"Any collaborator who would represent himself an alternative to [Arafat] will be executed in the public square," said the message, which echoed through the streets as armed men fired in the air.
Full article.
On a rainy night eight years ago in the Colombian city of Cali, crack counter-narcotics troops swarmed over the first floor of a low-rise condominium complex in an upscale neighborhood. They found no drugs or guns. But what they did find sent shudders through law enforcement and intelligence circles around the world. Keep reading.
One heck of a picture...Yasser showing some pride.
Then, and Now. An analysis from the Middle East Forum:
Thirty years ago, just before the 1967 Six Day War, a Palestinian terrorist organization, Fatah, headed by Yasir Arafat, conducted terrorist acts within Israel with the dual purposes of inflicting as much damage as possible on Israeli civilians, and of bringing the Arab world into a war against Israel.
Israel’s retaliation against this terrorism triggered violent protests throughout the Arab world. Radical Arab regimes, such as Syria, called for war. More “moderate” Arab states, afraid of confronting Israel’s military, stopped short of declaring war. Meanwhile, the Europeans, led by France, condemned Israel’s acts of self-defense, and the United Nations condemned Israel’s actions almost daily. The United States, for its part, was embroiled in its own war in the East (Vietnam), and was reluctant to become directly involved in the Arab-Israeli conflict.
At home, Israel experienced a difficult economic crisis. With no one else to turn to, Israel’s main support came from Diaspora Jews, who worked tirelessly to ensure the Jewish state’s survival.
Today, amidst the so-called Intifada al-Aqsa, Israel is revisiting its past. Arafat has inflicted untold damages on Israel via terrorist groups under this control, while simultaneously drawing Arab states closer to war. The international community regularly chastises Israel, and until recently, America was reluctant to get involved due to its war in Afghanistan. Israel, all the while, must endure a grave economic crisis as it works to avoid another war. Keep reading.
From the family of Shiri Negari: Our 22 year old Shiri was one of 19
people killed in a Jerusalem bus suicide bombing on June 18th 2002.
We cannot allow Shiri's death to become just another statistic.
Please read and help us distribute her story.
If you live in Britain: A message from StandWithUs
It is very important that the key Ministers in the British Government see
the support that the British Community is giving to Israel at this time
and the appreciation of our community for the support that the Government is
also giving Israel. Government Ministers are NOT receiving messages
thanking them for their efforts to both criticise the
suicide bombers and Arafat. They are NOT receiving support for the democratically
elected government of Israel in an area in which Israel is surrounded by 22
totalitarian, un-elected governments.

Please write or e mail each of the three Ministers below
expressing your thanks for their support for Israel, their condemnation of
the suicide bombers and their criticism of Arafat as well as for their
support for a cease fire and the resumption of the peace process.

Thank you
Brian Kerner Jo Wagerman OBE
On behalf of the Cross Community Co-ordinating Group (CCG)

Please take a moment to contact:

Rt. Hon Jack Straw MP
Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs
Foreign & Commonwealth Office
King Charles Street
London SW1A 2AH
E mail:

Rt. Hon. Peter Hain MP
Minister of State for Europe
Foreign & Commonwealth Office
King Charles Street
London SW1A 2AH
E mail:

Rt. Hon. Tony Blair MP
Prime Minister
10 Downing Street
London SW1A 2AA

Brian Kerner
4 Greenaway Gardens
London NW3 7DJ
Fax: 020 7435 2180
Tel: 020 7435 2494
Take 5 minutes to support Israel: Call both of your Senators and your Representative at 202-224-3121 or you
can find their direct line at or
Please leave the following message:
"Hello. This is (your name) calling from (town,city). [(When applicable) I
would like to thank the Senator (Congressman/woman) for his/her past support
for Israel .] Today, I would like to urge the Senator (Congressman/woman)
to stand in solidarity with the State of Israel and support Israel's right
to defend itself against violence, suicide attacks and all forms of terror.
In addition, I hope that he/she will speak out against antisemitism, bigotry
and racism and commit to fighting this scourge whenever and wherever it
appears. Thank you."
(If you are asked to give your mailing address, please do so.)
This from IMRA: IDF Discovers Weapons During Search of Nablus PRISON
IDF Spokesperson 27 June 2002
IDF troops, carrying out searches in the Gind Prison in Nablus have
uncovered a huge arms cache. Weapons so far found include 150
Kalachnikov assault rifles and hundreds of magazines for them, hundreds of
bulletproof vests, an improvised bomb, dozens of improvised weapons
and grenades. Twenty Palestinians have been detained for questioning
by the IDF.
Subscribe at no charge to IMRA news updates:
Call a meeting in your city regarding security issues. Meanwhile, check out the ADL website for security suggestions.
The LAPD is looking for a few good men and women-- interested?
They have 1100 positions available. Yes, that's 1100 positions.
This is a wonderful opportunity for the right people...
Call 213-847-LAPD or call 866-444-LAPD
Check out their website.
"Petition to Oppose Divestment from Israel." - Hillel
Dear Faculty, Students and Friends of UCLA Hillel,
More than 125 professors have recently signed a petition demanding that
the University of California to divest from Israel
. At Harvard and MIT
students, faculty, staff and alumni/ae have accumulated over 6,000
signatures on a counter-petition that opposes divestment. Please help us
take a strong stance against divestment by signing the attached Petition
to Oppose Divestment from Israel. We need your assistance in
disseminating this information - forward this e-mail to everyone you know,
encouraging them to Stand With Us for Israel.
To sign this petition please e-mail with your name,
UC affiliation, if any, and intent to sign the "Petition to Oppose
Divestment from Israel." The petition will be sent to the UC
Daniel Pipes offers a brilliant analysis of the Islamofascist rejection of life and embrace of death as represented by its rejection of western music:
..fundamentalist Muslims, who nurse an abiding suspicion of the West, worry that its music has an insidious effect on other Muslims.
..merely listening to Western music suggests disloyalty to Islam...a Tunisian claims that "the treason of an Arab . . . begins when he enjoys listening to Mozart or Beethoven."
... American popular music epitomizes the values that Muslims find most reprehensible about Western culture—the celebration of individualism, youth, hedonism, and uninhibited sexuality. The Pakistani fundamentalist group Hizbullah has singled out Michael Jackson and Madonna as cultural "terrorists" who aspire to destroy Islamic civilization. The group's spokesman explains this fear:
Michael Jackson and Madonna are the torchbearers of American society, their cultural and social values . . . that are destroying humanity. They are ruining the lives of thousands of Muslims and leading them to destruction, away from their religion, ethics and morality.
Hizbullah finished with a call for the two Americans to be brought to trial in Pakistan.
The Hizbullah statement points to the reasons why fundamentalists mistrust Western music: it demoralizes Muslims and distracts them from the serious requirements of their faith. Ahmad al-Qattan, a Palestinian preacher living in Kuwait, finds that Western music "involves pleasure and ecstasy, similar to drugs" and elaborates:
I ask a lot of people, "When you listen to Michael Jackson, or Beethoven, or Mozart, what do you feel?"
They tell me: "Oh, I feel my heart torn from the inside." I say, "To that extent?"
They tell me: "Yes, by God, to that extent. I feel that all of a sudden I am flying. One moment I am crying, the next moment I am laughing, then dancing, then I am committing suicide."
Our God, we seek refuge with You from singing and its evils.
Ayatollah Khomeini had similar views, as he explained to an Italian journalist:
Khomeini: Music dulls the mind, because it involves pleasure and ecstasy, similar to drugs. Your music I mean. Usually your music has not exalted the spirit, it puts it to sleep. And it destructs [sic] our youth who become poisoned by it, and then they no longer care about their country.
Oriana Fallaci: Even the music of Bach, Beethoven, Verdi?
Khomeini: I do not know these names.
Keep reading.

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So ya, I know the picture is tiny, but take a look: Yasser showing some pride ;-)'ve been trying to figure out what this Jihad business is all about. Here's an excerpt from Bat Ye'Or that should clear things up for you:
Jihad ideology separates humanity into two hostile blocs: the community of Muslims (Dar ul-Islam), and the infidel non-Muslims (Dar ul-Harb). Allah commands the Muslims to conquer the entire world in order to rule it according to Koranic law. Hence Muslims must wage a perpetual war against those infidels who refuse to submit. This is the motivation for jihad. It is based on the inequality between the community of Allah and the infidels, as was re-emphasized in the Cairo Declaration. The first is a superior group, which must rule the world; the second must submit. The current relevance of this ideology is apparent, and disturbing.
For example, Al-Muhajiroun, an Islamist newspaper in London, published an article on January 27, 2001, which declared:
Upon the establishment of the Islamic State, the whole world will potentially be Dar ul Harb since the foreign policy of the Islamic state is aimed at conquering the world... Once the Islamic State is established anyone in Dar ul Harb will have no sanctity for his life or wealth hence, a Muslim in such circumstances can then go into Dar ul Harb and take the wealth from the people unless there is a treaty with that state. If there is no treaty, individual Muslims can even go to Dar ul Harb and take women to keep as slaves. Keep reading.
On July 1st, former Federal Prosecutor John J. Loftus filed an amended civil complaint in Hillsborough County, Florida, against University of South Florida Professor Sami Al Arian accusing him of terrorism and of helping Al Qaida. Loftus says:
--USF Professor Sami Al Arian is the number two leader in the world of one of the world's most violent international terrorist organizations, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and Al Arian served as a secret member of Al Qaida’s advisory board.
--Al Arian’s Palestinian Islamic Jihad secretly gave material aid and support to Al Qaida, including funding, secure communication facilities via computer and other support, which, in a small but significant way, contributed to 9/11.
--Al Arian, who claims to be a mild-mannered computer professor, is in reality the highest-ranking terrorist within the United States not yet imprisoned. Loftus says: “Al Arian has the ultimate ‘get out of jail free card’…the Saudi connection.”
“USF Professor Sami Al Arian has not been prosecuted because he knows too much. He knows that his terrorist group was funded by Saudi charities in America. Al Arian knew that the Saudis have enough influence in Washington to shut down any investigation they want. Al Qaida knew it, and used it."
"The Saudi coverup was the reason that none of the dots were allowed to be connected. If the Saudis go down, they would take their American supporters with them. 9/11 was not an intelligence failure, it was not a law enforcement failure, it was a foreign policy failure. If we want to stop terrorism, we have to tell the Saudis to stop funding it.”

More on Florida’s shadow of terrorism by Josh Devon and Evan Kohlmann in the National Review.
Daniel Pipes highlights how the multicultural crowd is letting Islamofascists hijack our school system:
Become a Muslim warrior during the crusades or during an ancient jihad." Thus read the instructions for seventh graders in Islam: A Simulation of Islamic History and Culture, 610-1100, a three-week curriculum produced by Interaction Publishers, Inc. In classrooms across the United States, students who follow its directions find themselves fighting mock battles of jihad against "Christian crusaders" and other assorted "infidels." Upon gaining victory, our mock-Muslim warriors "Praise Allah."
Is this a legal activity in American public schools? Interaction says it merely urges students to "respect Islamic culture" through identification with Islam. But the Thomas More Law Center, a public-interest law firm based in Michigan, disagrees and last week filed a federal lawsuit to prohibit one school district, in Byron, California, from further using the Interaction materials on Islam....
Islam: A Simulation serves as a recruitment tool for Islam, for children adopting a Muslim persona during several weeks amounts to an invitation to them to convert to Islam. (One can't but wonder did John Walker Lindh take this course?) The educational establishment permits this infraction due to an impulse to privilege non-Western cultures over Western ones. It never, for example, would permit Christianity to be promoted in like fashion ("Become a Christian warrior during the crusades," for example.)...Keep reading.
Well, not at all shockingly, the AP reports: Fake guns, bombs and other weapons got past security screeners almost one-fourth of the time at 32 major airports last month, a Transportation Security Administration official said Monday.
Oh joy. I feel so safe now. Might as well just walk right into the middle of a traffic full street.
But wait. There's more. This from Kristof in the NYTimes regarding the Anthrax killer: "the bureau's lackadaisical ineptitude in pursuing the anthrax killer continues to threaten America's national security by permitting him to strike again or, more likely, to flee to Iran or North Korea. Almost everyone who has encountered the F.B.I. anthrax investigation is aghast at the bureau's lethargy. Some in the biodefense community think they know a likely culprit, whom I'll call Mr. Z. Although the bureau has polygraphed Mr. Z, searched his home twice and interviewed him four times, it has not placed him under surveillance or asked its outside handwriting expert to compare his writing to that on the anthrax letters...Perhaps it's a cheap shot for an armchair detective to whine about the caution of dedicated and exceptionally hard-working investigators. Yet months pass and the bureau continues to act like, well, a bureaucracy, plodding along in slow motion. People in the biodefense field first gave Mr. Z's name to the bureau as a suspect in October, and I wrote about him elliptically in a column on May 24...With many experts buzzing about Mr. Z behind his back, it's time for the F.B.I. to make a move: either it should go after him more aggressively, sifting thoroughly through his past and picking up loose threads, or it should seek to exculpate him and remove this cloud of suspicion...Whoever sent the anthrax probably had no intention of killing people; the letters warned recipients to take antibiotics. My guess is that the goal was to help America by raising preparedness against biological attacks in the future.
So it seems fair to ask the F.B.I. a few questions:
Do you know how many identities and passports Mr. Z has and are you monitoring his international travel? I have found at least one alias for him, and he has continued to travel abroad on government assignments, even to Central Asia...
Have you searched the isolated residence that he had access to last fall? The F.B.I. has known about this building, and knows that Mr. Z gave Cipro to people who visited it. This property and many others are legally registered in the name of a friend of Mr. Z, but may be safe houses operated by American intelligence.
Have you examined whether Mr. Z has connections to the biggest anthrax outbreak among humans ever recorded, the one that sickened more than 10,000 black farmers in Zimbabwe in 1978-80? There is evidence that the anthrax was released by the white Rhodesian Army fighting against black guerrillas, and Mr. Z has claimed that he participated in the white army's much-feared Selous Scouts. Could rogue elements of the American military have backed the Rhodesian Army in anthrax and cholera attacks against blacks? Mr. Z's résumé also claims involvement in the former South African Defense Force; all else aside, who knew that the U.S. Defense Department would pick an American who had served in the armed forces of two white-racist regimes to work in the American biodefense program with some of the world's deadliest germs? " Read whole article.

Who is Steven Hatfill?
How very odd. Info on the suspicious deaths of eleven of the world’s leading microbiologists.
If you or someone you love is over 50 this is really important. AMD - age related macular degeneration - is the leading cause of blindness in the developed world. Please, get your eyes checked by an opthamologist (NOT an optometrist.) Taking supplements containing vitamins C, E, beta-carotene, and zinc (Bausch & Lomb makes one, as do other brands) has been shown to reduce risk. Wearing UV protective sunglasses is always good prevention. And read this about latest treatment options. Novartis also has a treatment called Visudyne.
More info sources:
American Airlines Captain John Maniscalco hits the nail on the head:
On September 11, nineteen ARAB-MUSLIMS hijacked four jetliners in my country. They cut the throats of women in front of children and brutally stabbed to death others. They took control of those planes and crashed them into buildings killing thousands of proud fathers, loving sons, wise grandparents, elegant daughters, best friends, favorite coaches, fearless public servants, and children's mothers....How do I differentiate between the true Arab-Muslim-Americans and the Arab-Muslims in our communities who are attending our schools, enjoying our parks, and living in OUR communities under the protection of OUR constitution, while they plot the next attack that will slaughter those very same good neighbors and children? The events of September 11th changed the answer. It is not my responsibility to determine which of you embraces our great country, with ALL of it's religions, with ALL of it's different citizens, with all of it's faults. It is time for every Arab-Muslim in this country to determine it for me. Keep reading.

Monday, July 01, 2002

Many years ago a bright young boy was murdered, but thanks to Israel's first astronaut, his dreams will live on to touch the stars.
In 1944, a tall, skinny 14-year-old intellectual was lined up in the Theresienstadt ghetto and pushed by the Nazis into the line for those unfit for work. It was, of course, a death sentence.
In the years leading up to that fateful day, Petr Ginz, the ghetto's underground magazine editor and local artist kept his mind going even when his body could not.
He spent his long hungry days in the ghetto painting and writing, creating images of freedom, where humans could sail at sea and fly toward the moon, directed only by gravity and wind, not guns. Keep reading.

another jewel from the National Review: With the Saudis incentivizing suicide bombings by doling out cash to the perpetrators' families after-the-fact, exactly what sort of "vision" are the Saudis providing for the Palestinians? It would seem that without the benefit of moral relativism, the Saudis might even seem like an enemy — perhaps because they are. Keep reading.
Jay Nordlinger writes in the National Review about the political realignment of Jews who feel betrayed by the simpering liberals on campus:
"When the Arab-Israeli conflict flared again, the reaction on campus was dramatic. It could have been expected to be anti-Israel, and severely so; but it was even more anti-Israel than usual. It was more anti-Semitic, too. (Sadly, these two "anti-"s seem to be going together more and more lately.) Also unusual, however, was the response of pro-Israel students and faculty, chiefly Jews: They were more determined, less cringing, more defiant than in the past. More willing to talk back, and to fight back. The Left's last great campus cause was the anti-apartheid one; it was the last time, whatever their methods or proposed solutions, they had anything like the moral high ground. They are seeking it again, through anti-Israeli activism and rhetoric, including a strong linkage to apartheid. That Israel, like the old Boer Republic, is an "apartheid state" is almost an article of faith on many campuses today. Pro-Arab, anti-Israeli groups are joined by sundry more traditional leftist groups — environmentalists, "racial justice" advocates, anti-globalizers — which stuns and chagrins many Jews, previously comfortable in their liberalism. Michael Granoff, a "lay leader" of the Hillel Foundation, voices a common sentiment when he says, "The reaction of the human-rights community has been disappointing to many of us who consider ourselves left of center, but who see this conflict in a different way." The U.N.'s Durban conference, he says — an affair that proved grossly anti-Semitic — was a "rude awakening," a "very sobering experience." And only days later came the September 11 attacks, coupled, in short order, with a renewing of the Israel question." Keep reading.
Another choice paragraph from this article: Shlomo Avineri, a professor at Hebrew University and an erstwhile member of the "peace camp," wrote in Ha'aretz last fall, "Whoever expected Yasser Arafat to turn into Nelson Mandela was proved wrong, but admitting it is hard. Incredibly hard. . . . It was hard for those seduced by the charms of the Soviet Union to see that it was a ruthless, oppressive country, but that was the truth. . . . [For a peaceful settlement] there is no partner on the other side. It hurts, but that is the truth."
ok....they've got to be kidding about the spitting part. CNN reports Florida lawmakers..found time to stipulate that cooking-school students under the legal drinking age can taste small amounts of wine during class -- although they will be expected to spit it out after swishing it around their mouth.

From the ADL via Spoons:
In the wake of a wave of anti-Semitic violence in Europe not seen since the end of World War II, an Anti-Defamation League (ADL) opinion survey found 30% of Europeans cling to traditional anti-Jewish stereotypes, while 62% believe the recent violence against Jews is the result of anti-Israel sentiment. This compares to 17% of Americans. Read rest.

Sunday, June 30, 2002

was i asleep when this hit the news or did it just never make it into the news:
Oklahoma City lawyer named Mike Johnston, aided by Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch, filed a federal lawsuit against Iraq on behalf of victims of the Oklahoma City bombing. The lawsuit alleges that "the entire plot to blow up the Murrah Building on April 19, 1995, in whole or in part, was orchestrated, assisted technically and/ or financially and directly aided by agents of the Republic of Iraq."
Read rest.
Way back in 2000, Christians were persecuted by Islamofascists in Indonesia. 6 December 2000: Muslims have slaughtered 93 Christians since last week on a small island of the Maluku chain for refusing to convert to Islam, a church activist said yesterday quoting a survivor. "The forced Islamisation of Christians in Kasiui Island has been continuing since last week and by Saturday, a total of 93 people have been killed for refusing to convert into Islam," said Sammy Weileruni, a lawyer with the Maranatha Christian centre in Ambon, the Malukus capital. Keep reading.
On showers and global warming. A choice quote: "Put simply, when it comes to climate change, much more is unknown than known, and what we do know suggests neither that mankind is on course to catastrophe, nor indeed that we could do much about it if we were. In fact, the only thing upon which climate scientists reliably agree is that the world emerged from a "little ice age" around 1880, and things have been warming, albeit slightly, with dips and variations, ever since. Where it all might lead is anyone's guess. But simply to draw the most apocalyptic scenarios and then insist on drastic action hardly seems the most sensible way to move forward. "
In case you were wondering what was the secret behind Brazil's win: Keeping that zipper tightly fastened.
The team that nearly didn't even make the tournament after losing to such powerhouses as Paraguay apparently found its feet after coach Luiz Felipe Scolari insisted his players observe a 40-day period of celibacy. We guess it worked for them. Hope the rest of us aren't expected to follow suit. Read rest...
Oooya! IDF finally got the bugger. Just made my day. Nablus Hamas head Muhanid Taher, 26, was killed by IDF troops in a targeted interception in the northern West Bank city earlier today..Taher, leader of the group's Izzadin Kassam military wing, has been on Israel's most wanted list for four years, and was responsible for planning the homicide bombing on a bus in southern Jerusalem on June 18. 19 passengers were killed, and over 70 wounded in the blast on the crowded morning commuter line...Taher is also charged with being behind the Tel Aviv Dolfinarium attack in June of last summer and the Netanya Park Hotel attack on Pessah this year. Keep reading.
Looks like the State Dept is getting a reality check from the "Arab street"...Arafat ain't gonna step down that easily. [As a sidenote...can someone pull out those nasty file photos on him??? He and the recently deposed Catholic priests actually do have a thing or two in common, only I don't suppose the priests had pistols or bodyguards to deliver the goods and keep things quiet.] Those who pander to the Islamofascist claim that Chickenfat was democratically elected aparently think an election where a dictator runs against a headless rabbit and wins 98% of the vote (after which the 2% that voted for the rabbit get themselves conveniently lynched or otherwise brutalized) represents the will of the people.
By WILLIAM C. MANN The Associated Press
WASHINGTON (June 30) - The Bush administration warned the Palestinians on Sunday they would cloud their prospects for nationhood by re-electing Yasser Arafat as their leader.
The Palestinian's U.N. envoy responded that Arafat probably will run in January's scheduled election and, as leader of a continuing liberation movement, will win if he does.
''For him, and I think for many Palestinians as well, it is matter of a mission rather than a post,'' said Nasser al-Kidwa, the Palestinians' U.N. observer. ''His mission is to lead the Palestinian people until the establishment of independent Palestine.''
The administration also got a jolt Sunday from Egypt, the first Arab state to make peace with Israel and a major U.S. ally in the Middle East.
After President Hosni Mubarak met with a U.S. Senate delegation and separately with senior Arafat aide Saeb Erekat, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Maher said: ''Egypt strongly supports the democratically elected Palestinian leadership and refuses any attempt to outflank it.'' He said Arafat was democratically elected in 1996, and ''next year's elections announced by Arafat will also prove so.''
Both Secretary of State Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, President Bush's national security adviser, made tours of the Sunday television talk shows expanding on Bush's speech last week laying down U.S. policy for resumption of a Palestinian-Israeli peace process.
''If they don't bring in new leaders, then we shouldn't expect new approaches,'' Secretary of State Colin Powell said on ''Fox News Sunday.'' Before the election, he said, the United States plans to work ''to help other Palestinian leaders to rise up and to begin transformation within the Palestinian community.''
In the speech, Bush did not mention Arafat by name but said the Palestinians must have new and different leaders, people ''not compromised by terror,'' and bring in democratic change before a process could begin that would lead to a state, possibly within three years.
Speaking on CBS' ''Face the Nation,'' Powell said he told Arafat two months ago, inside the Palestinian's bunker surrounded by Israeli armor and soldiers, that ''when this siege is over, you have got to move in a new direction or we will not be able to continue to try to help you.''
By ignoring the admonition, Powell said, Arafat forced Bush's hand.
In January, Powell said, the Palestinians ''have the right to elect whoever they wish to, and we have the right and the ability to determine how we will deal with those circumstances.'' Should the Palestinians vote Arafat back to power, ''then they ought to understand the consequences,'' Powell said.
He also said the administration has abandoned for now its idea of an international conference of foreign ministers on the Middle East this summer. Considering current levels of violence and Israel's continuing military operations in the Palestinian areas, and the U.S. decision to abandon Arafat, ''it is appropriate right now not to talk about a conference,'' Powell said.
Rice, appearing on NBC's ''Meet the Press,'' said the administration at least would end any financial support of Arafat's Palestinian Authority if he remains in power.
''We are not trying to pick the leadership of the Palestinian people, but we are saying that there are consequences,'' Rice said. ''How can you work with a leadership that on one hand says it wants the peace process and on the other hand continues to work with terrorists who are undermining the peace process?''
''The United States of course will respect democratic processes. But the fact is that if a leadership emerges that will not deal with the problem of terrorism, the United States can do nothing to move this process forward,'' Rice said.
Also on NBC, Palestinian diplomat al-Kidwa indicated that once an independent Palestine exists, the U.S. goal of getting rid of Arafat might be reachable.
After independence, al-Kidwa said, the question of Arafat's future ''will be very legitimate, because many Palestinians also think that he might not be the man to build all of the institutions of a state.
''But we are still in the phase of national liberation, and I think he symbolizes the ambitions of the Palestinian people during this stage. As such, I think they will stand by him.''
Copyright 2002 The Associated Press.
Take a minute of your time to help stop slavery: Many of the clothes sold by national retailer The Children's Place are made in Burma - a country whose brutal regime murders, rapes and enslaves its own citizens. E-mail CEO Ezra Dabah and ask that The Children's Place stop selling clothes made in Burma. Also, please call The Children's Place (toll-free) customer service number: 1-877-752-2387. highlights the following child slavery horrors around the world:
In Bangladesh, child traffickers prey on young children. Boys are often sent to the United Arab Emirates, where they are forced to become camel jockeys; girls are sold into domestic servitude or prostitution.
In Cambodia, men pay $30 for sex with girls, some who are as young as ten.
In Haiti, poor families often give their children to wealthier families. But despite promises of a better life, many of these children are enslaved, facing constant abuse-both physical and sexual.
In Texas, federal authorities rescued over 60 people, some as young as 12, who had been trafficked from Honduras and forced to work as prostitutes.
In New Jersey, four girls - all under the age of 15 - were lured from their homes in Mexico, "virtually enslaved" as prostitutes, and forced to service as many as seven clients a day.
From the Wiesenthal Center: "As I left synagogue, 3 young North Africans surrounded me screaming 'Dirty Jew, f--- your mother, we'll burn your synagogues'…they then threw stones at me as I ran away. I went to the Police Station, where I was told that they do not take complaints of this type...." -- Yves Sellam
"Two of the schools officials were attacked by Arabs.They screamed, 'Vive Hitler... Death to the Jews... To the (gas) showers'." -- Alliance Jewish High School
"My son, Noam, is a member of a municipal sports club... on arrival at the pool he was refused entry and told by the official that no Jew could enter or practise sport. This was followed by death threats. The child is in shock." -- Fabienne Dahan
"I took my husband home by taxi from the hospital... The driver called me 'Dirty Jew' and drove off fast with me in the car, leaving my husband in the street... She said 'I am taking you to my son who will kill you'... All my family perished in Auschwitz, I survived." -- Josiane Friedman
The continuing attacks on Jews in France, which have been more numerous than in any other Western country, are being carried out against the background of alarming indifference, with citizens and government leaders turning a blind eye. This indifference, coupled with the threat of antisemitism and the verifiably documented acts of violence, are prompting a continued feeling of utter abandonment within France's Jewish community.
The Simon Wiesenthal Center Europe, through its Paris-based office, has taken an active role in combating the growth of antisemitism in France by financing and co-sponsoring a grass-roots project, the SOS Truth and Security Organization. On June 11, 2002, the S.O.S. project will formally be launched with the release of testimony of the victims of these crimes.
The S.O.S. established by a former police commissioner, together with nineteen Jewish suburban communities of Paris, will assist victims of these antisemitic attacks. Volunteer lawyers will accompany each victim to the police and local Town Hall, and social workers will address their trauma. A hotline has also been established. Data on these incidents will be generated and then analyzed by Wiesenthal Center researchers.
Updates on the Center’s hands-on efforts in combating French antisemitism.
Click here to read a report of antisemitic attacks in France submitted by the Center’s European Director, Dr. Shimon Samuels, to the Helsinki Commission in Washington.
This report from UPI spotlighted by KesherTalk: Iran is developing a nuclear capability as well as missiles that could reach Europe and eventually the United States, the head of Israel's intelligence agency reportedly told NATO's council...Israel also has "clear indications" that Iraq resumed efforts to produce fissile materials, Mossad leader Ephraim Halevy said while addressing a closed session of the council Wednesday in Brussels....several countries that have been traditional foes of Israel were developing advanced weapons systems, including Iran which in recent years has invested heavily in developing ballistic missiles based on North Korean expertise...the Iranians successfully tested the Shehab-3, which has a range of 800 miles and announced they were trying to extend its range, payload and destructive capability...Iran is also involved in research and development of longer-range missiles that could reach Europe and the United States and does so under cover of launching civilian satellites... Iran is developing a chemical infrastructure for civilian use, but one that could quickly be transformed into producing large quantities of deadly VX gas. The Iranians are also investing in biological warfare research and development...In the past years Syria bought and then produced North Korean Scud B, C and D missiles. Most of the warheads are conventional but the Syrians have chemical and biological capabilities as well..The Syrians have produced large quantities of Sarin nerve gas, and in recent years are working hard to produce VX. The gas could be dropped in bombs from planes, Scud missiles, and 220 and 302mm mortars whose range varies from 27 to 62 miles...Libya is developing missiles with a range of more than 625 miles, which could affect Europe and Israel..Source