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"Democracy extends the sphere of individual freedom, socialism restricts it. Democracy attaches all possible value to each man; socialism makes each man a mere agent, a mere number. Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word: equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude."

Alexis deTocqueville, Democracy in America Vol. 2
Thanks to Alan Henderson for posting this quote.

Today in history: 1969 Apollo 11 took off.
Musharraf - will he prove to be an AtaTurk?
Selling Israel down the river.
I sit here with a physical ache in my heart. I sit here with a cry held tight in my throat. I sit here with numb lips and tears that day after day don't stop. I sit here and I try not to lose hope.
To all you fighter pilots, with love and admiration: In memory of Areleh Katz.
Almost 80 percent of Palestinians believe they should support Iraq if the United States launches renewed military action against the country, according to a poll published Friday. The survey was conducted in March by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion.
The Iraqi ruler, for his part, has been supporting the Palestinians in their current conflict with Israel, notably by sending up to $25,000 to the families of suicide bombers.
NOW it's getting interesting. This article (picked up by Zion Blog ) picks up this report about a possible connection between the Egyptian Pilot Gameel al-Batouti (I've seen about half a dozen different spellings of his name so far) that purposely crashed Egypt Air flight 990 off Nantucket, murdering 216 people while committing suicide on Oct. 31, 1999, and the September 11th hijackers.
YUM YUM! Food and Wine in Israel.
The Biblical Seven Species. Mmm mmm: Wheat, barley, grapes, figs, pomegranates, olives and dates.
Homemade Marzipan Stuffed Dates
Portobello Mushroom Burger

And now, geography!
Talking maps.
Try this on for size...Israel Size Comparison Maps

Bauhaus Architecture in Tel Aviv
Some beautiful places in Israel!

Thanks to Janice for pointing out this site. She has some great links to Israeli merchants - a great way to help Israel is to buy your birthday, wedding, holiday presents online.
In their own words.
Following info is from here.
Prior to partition, Palestinian Arabs did not view themselves as having a separate identity. When the First Congress of Muslim-Christian Associations met in Jerusalem in February 1919 to choose Palestinian representatives for the Paris Peace Conference, the following resolution was adopted:
"We consider Palestine as part of Arab Syria, as it has never been separated from it at any time. We are connected with it by national, religious, linguistic, natural, economic and geographical bonds."

In 1937, a local Arab leader, Auni Bey Abdul-Hadi, told the Peel Commission, which ultimately suggested the partition of Palestine: "There is no such country [as Palestine]! 'Palestine' is a term the Zionists invented! There is no Palestine in the Bible. Our country was for centuries part of Syria."

The representative of the Arab Higher Committee to the United Nations submitted a statement to the General Assembly in May 1947 that said "Palestine was part of the Province of Syria" and that, "politically, the Arabs of Palestine were not independent in the sense of forming a separate political entity." A few years later, Ahmed Shuqeiri, later the chairman of the PLO, told the Security Council: "It is common knowledge that Palestine is nothing but southern Syria."

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Lest you form the misimpression that I only post depressing things....
Faye Levy explains in her INTERNATIONAL JEWISH COOKBOOK, "I learned
that chocolate was brought from the New World to Spain, but I was not
aware of the major role played by the Jews in introducing chocolate to
the rest of Europe. Parisian chef Alain Dutournier told me recently
that in his home region in southwestern France, near the border with
Spain, many of the master chocolatiers were of Jewish origin. Bayonne,
a major city in the region was the first city in France where chocolate
was made, and remains a chocolate center to this day. Chocolate making
in Bayonne was started by Jews who had settled in Southwest France after
being chased out of Spain during the Inquisition. The new product
rapidly gained favor in the area and spread throughout France."
YUM YUM! here's my favorite.
Some Chocolate recipes, to sweeten your heart and your day! Make some for someone you love!
You may have read Fear and Loathing at the Economist. Here's more on anti-Semitism at the Economist. Thanks to Kesher Talk for posting the link:
In 1945 George Orwell wrote an essay titled "Anti-Semitism in Britain." Orwell's findings could also apply to Continental Europe where, reports Robert Fulford in the National Post, more than 1,000 professors have signed on to two petitions, one calling for a boycott of Israeli scientific institutions, the other for breaking cultural links with Israel. Wrote Orwell:
"There has been a perceptible anti-Semitic strain in English literature from Chaucer onwards. I can think of passages which if written now would be stigmatized as anti-Semitism, in the works of Shakespeare, Smollett, Thackeray, Bernard Shaw, H.G. Wells, T.S. Eliot, Aldous Huxley, and various others." And, of course, G.K. Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc published tirades against the Jews without much damage to their reputations.
"If, as I suggest, prejudice against Jews has always been pretty widespread in England," Orwell wrote, "there is no reason to think Hitler has genuinely diminished it. One can assume, therefore, that many people who would perish rather than admit to anti-Semitic feelings are secretly prone to them."
Orwell's essay was published in 1945. Has much changed since? On Oct. 7, 2000, The Economist wrote: "Israel is a superior country with superior people: Its talents are above the ordinary. But it has to abate its greed for other people's land."
Mr. Sharon's predecessor, Ehud Barak, at the last Camp David negotiation offered Yasser Arafat nearly all the West Bank, East Jerusalem, the return of at least 150,000 Palestinian refugees to Israel. Mr. Arafat turned it down and instead instigated the now two-year-old Intifada. "Abate its greed for other people's land"? Peter David, please note.
Read the whole article.
Kesher Talk posts this:
"Damage to more than 50 Jewish tombs at Rome's Verano cemetery overnight Wednesday has shocked Italians; and messages of support have been coming in to the Italian Jewish community from all political parties. The vandals broke open tombs and damaged chapels, but unusually for an incident vandalism of this kind left no indication of who was responsible. Whereas in the past suspicion would immediately fall on extreme right wing groups, it's an indication of the times that members of the Jewish community were saying Thursday that they did not know whether the damage was the work of right wing vandals or possibly Islamic militants. Investigators said the timing could provide a clue. Thursday Jews marked the anniversary of the destruction of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem in 586 BC." (UPI Hears, Jul. 18)
Steve Kohn, of Ra'anana, Israel, writes:

Cowards. They are cowards. Terrorists, yes. Not activists. Not militants.

They are plain and simply terrorists and cowards. The image that they have of being 'brave Arab warriors' is totally wrong. That more than 80% of the Israeli deaths in this war have been innocent civilians slaughtered by homicidal bombers and riflemen and launched by cynical leaders is revolting. The brave do not spill the blood of the innocent. But, there are other cowards.

The hundreds of journalists, tens of governments, particularly in Europe, all the Arab nations, the United Nations and certain perverted citizens of Israel under attack, who have waited nearly two years to criticize these cowardly acts are conspirators, directly and indirectly, in the slaughter of citizens of the State of Israel.

Any civilized person who did not and does not raise his voice in total anger and disgust at the wanton slaughter we have experienced, without equivocation and with the loudest and most totally one sided condemnation possible stands as accused with the cowards who perpetrate these acts.

The world can no longer supply mealy-mouthed justifications, sanctimonious claims of balance and sickening analogies.

There is no excuse in the world that justifies what happened on Tuesday afternoon or on all 700 afternoons and mornings and evenings since this war started. No one who claims any religious creed, secular love for the fellowship of man or belief in humanity can claim that storming a bus with guns and bombs has a role in this world.
In loving memory.Yesterday, after lying unconscious for two days surrounded by her family, Yocheved Ben-Chanan, 21, died in Sheba Hospital at Tel Hashomer from wounds she received in the terrorist attack on the bus outside Emmanuel on Tuesday, in which eight others were killed.
She was on the bus on her way home from handing scholarship forms into the bank so she could continue her studies in math and education at a teachers seminary. She was already working two days a week teaching. She studied the other four days, he said.
Her father had offered her a ride, but she didn't want to trouble him so she took the bus instead, he added. When her mother heard about the attack, she worried her daughter was on the bus. She tried calling but couldn't reach her on her cell phone.

Police identified one of the three victims of the Wednesday night double suicide bombing in the heart of Tel Aviv as Adrian Endes, 30, of Romania. A second victim is believed to be from east Asia and a third is Israeli. Neither have been identified yet, Israel Radio reports.
Order a free poster of victims of Arab terror. Put it up in your community center. Each had a face, each had a story, each was an entire world.
In loving memory.Family members tried to pull Sylvia Shilon away as she lay on the wreaths covering her son's grave, hugging and kissing the flowers and calling, "my son, my son."

Pushing back their restraining arms, she said, "I want to lie with Gal not a lot, just a little, just for five minutes."

Then she sat up and looked at the sky, her hands still in the flowers. Not so far way in the same cemetery is the grave of a second son, who died from an illness in 1992 at the age of 18.

"Why, what have they done to my children?" she wailed.

Shilon lost both her son, Gal, 32, and her eight-month-old granddaughter, Sara Tiferet, in the attack on an Emmanuel bus that killed nine on Tuesday. They were buried yesterday at the Yarkon Cemetery outside Petah Tikva.

Funerals for four others killed in the attack were held in the same cemetery on Wednesday, including Sara Tiferet's maternal grandmother, Zilpa Kashi, 65.

For the second day in a row, Kashi's husband, Moshe, stood in tears by the dead bodies of those he loved, as they lay surrounded by hundreds of mourners.

As they carried his granddaughter away for burial, he leaned over and hugged the large black cloth with a white Star of David that was wrapped around Sara Tiferet's very small body. As they lowered her body into the grave, he asked them to stop.

"Don't bury her, she was a good girl, a happy girl. You [Sarah Tiferet] didn't have enough time to see the world," Kashi said. He asked God, "Why have you taken her? I lost not one, not two, but you, too."

Chief Rabbi Yisrael Lau spoke of Gal's pregnant wife, Ayelet, who was wounded in the attack and is still in the hospital. Ayelet had called Gal from the bus to say they were under attack. He raced to help them and was killed by terrorist gunfire.

When he visited Ayelet in the hospital, Lau said, "I saw a young woman, who lost at the same time her mother, her baby, and her husband." Lau also visited Sara Tiferet's twin sister, Galia Esther, and her younger brother, Or Hayim, two.

"Sara Tiferet, your sister didn't know you were gone, but your brother asked about you and his father," Lau said. He spoke to his mother on the phone, so he knew she was all right. "But he didn't talk to his father, so he asked, 'Where is Daddy? Where is Daddy?' " said Lau, breaking into tears, as did many of the mourners.

Referring to yesterday's observance of Tisha Be'av, the national day of mourning for the destruction of the Temples, Lau said, "This house will not burn. The children will heal and grow. They will comfort their mother and their grandparents."

Gal's sister, Keren, said of her brother, "You knew how to solve problems, and you stood by our side. Today we are standing by your side. You were a husband, father, and brother. Ayelet, you will always be dear to us."

Gal was the second of four children. He graduated from Holtz High School in Holon and later studied business management. He served in the air force and worked for some time for a Canadian airline.

He became religious after surviving an attack of vertigo in the air. He and Ayelet married three years ago and moved to Emmanuel last year.

His older sister, Revital, told Yediot Aharonot that her parents were traveling in Russia when they heard about the attack. Revital said her mother was very scared before the trip. "Two weeks ago she woke up crying, because she had a dream that they were shooting at Gal and killing him. We have to be strong for our parents because this is the second son they have lost. When Ayelet heard that Gal was killed, she said, 'God took a righteous man, an angel. I have to defer to God.' Her faith helps her. We are totally broken. We don't begin to comprehend or understand what happened."

When friends and family members began to cover Gal's body with dirt yesterday, his mother, Sylvia, fainted. She was revived in an ambulance and returned to say goodbye to her son. Walking out of the cemetery, she stopped and wept at the grave of her second son, Nimrod.

"Why didn't you watch over Gal?" she asked his grave in tears.
Daniel Pipes' guiding idea on the Middle East is that there are two competing factions within the Muslim faith: moderate Islam and what Pipes calls "Islamism."

"First of all, it's an ideology," says Pipes, describing Islamism. "It's a body of ideas that people are very devoted to." But militant Muslims, Pipes insists, are more dangerous than other fundamentalist religious groups. Every religion has its zealots, Pipes says, but "none of them have anything like the drive, the state support, the financial backing or the global ambitions of militant Islam." Unlike other religious fundamentalists who only seek to control their own backyards, Pipes argues, Islamists will not rest until they conquer the world. And America is their prime target because they see the United States as "the main obstacle standing between them and the achievement of their goals."
According to Pipes, "The ambitions of militant Islam are not merely to, say, expel Americans from Saudi Arabia or change American policy vis-à-vis the Arab-Israeli conflict or end the sanctions on Iraq. They're far more ambitious and have to do with changing the very nature of the United States."

Do you think he is an alarmist? Read on and judge for yourself:

In the early 1990s, Ibrahim Hooper, before becoming CAIR's (Council on American-Islamic Relations) spokesman, ran the Islamic Information Service, a group representing the Muslims in Minnesota. In the April 4, 1993, edition of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune newspaper, Hooper is quoted saying, "I wouldn't want to create the impression that I wouldn't like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future but I'm not going to do anything violent to promote that. I'm going to do it through education."

In October 2000, during an anti-Israel demonstration in front of the White House, AMC (American Muslim Council) founder Abdurahman Alamoudi told reporters, "We are all supporters of Hamas," and added, "I am also a supporter of Hezbollah," the Lebanese group implicated in the 1983 Beirut barracks attack that left more than 200 U.S. Marines dead. Clearly this is not a mainstream sentiment, but does it prove that the AMC wants to institute Islamic law in the United States? AMC defends itself, saying Alamoudi is no longer with the group.

Because their program is so threatening to the American way of life, Pipes says he sees all those who support it as America's enemies, whether they espouse violence or not. In his forthcoming book, Pipes writes, all Islamists "must be considered potential killers."
"The difference between a moderate Islamist and a radical Islamist is like the difference between a moderate Nazi and a radical Nazi," says Pipes. "Yeah, some Nazi [party members] worked in offices 9 to 5, didn't do anybody any harm. But they are potential killers in the sense that they're helping the killers and they themselves could be mobilized at some point. I take issue with the idea that there are some supporters of militant Islam who are 'OK,' who wear ties and have nice cars and are 'within the system.' I say no, they're not OK, they're all dangerous."

.."They're not going to win," Pipes continues. "They're not going to change the country. But they're not going to change the country only if we take steps to stop them.,

To defeat Islamism, Pipes argues, the U.S. must bolster moderates in their efforts to get fundamentalists to honestly confront the aspects of their tradition, like jihad, that should be left behind. "The message of September 11th is that we have to be part of this process of modernizing Islam," says Pipes. But to aid the moderates, Pipes also insists that U.S. authorities come down hard on the Islamists in our midst.

Pipes has faith that the country will ultimately come around. "What I see is we're going to be hit and hit again. At a certain point, I think we're going to win, and the question is how many superfluous losses are we going to take because we're not serious enough about it. What I rue is that we learn only after people get killed."
Read the rest.

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If you are a regular visitor to this site, the info in this post is probably familiar to you, so go ahead and skip. Otherwise, here t'is:

Arab Anti-Semitism Documentation Project.

“Anti-Semitism and Racism as Policy in the Palestinian Authority” A 50 page report prepared by the Wiesenthal Center for the UN Conference on Racism at Durban, September. Documents the use of Palestinian Authority organs (media, education system and religious outlets) to vilify and demonize Jews and the Jewish religion.

Detailed reports on Anti-Jewish propaganda in the Arab government media, by country

Christian Exodus from the Middle East
Christian persecution in Bethlehem
Persecution of Christian converts in the Palestinian Authority
Saudi persecution of Christians

Eyeopening article by Muslim apostate who now has a price on his head.

Saudi payment to suicide bombers (openly visible on the Saudi embassy website)

From the horse's mouth. What the Jihadists are saying: "What are our GOALS ? Bringing mankind to the worship of their lord and establishing a khilafah on the pattern of prophethood. "

Persecution of gays: A discussion by Egyptian press on why and how homosexuals should be killed.

Abuse of women in the Muslim community in England: "A young girl who refuses to marry the man to whom her father has betrothed her is likely to be (as several of my patients have been) beaten and starved into submission. Every Muslim girl whom I meet knows of girls who have been done to death for their stubbornness in continuing to refuse: sometimes hanged, sometimes strangled, sometimes thrown from the roof of a building, sometimes burnt. It costs a father about £5 to put an end to the not very strenuous investigations into the death of a daughter. "

The forgotten refugees: Info on 900,000 Jewish Refugees exiled from Arab countries.
Who Is Syed Athar Abbas? And what was he doing with a $100,000 "fine particulate mixer" last summer? The Anthrax mystery thickens. Thanks to LGF for posting the link.
Jaron Lanier discusses Minority Report (imho well worth seeing, but disturbing.)
In memory of David Rosenzweig, murdered by neo-Nazis in Toronto a few days ago. He leaves six children, including a 12 year old son whose Bar Mitzvah will be next January and an eight year old. His parents were Holocaust survivors.

Canadian law enforcement, in keeping with the latest American (LAX attack) and Finnish (synagogue car bomb) reluctance to call a spade a spade, seems to be having difficulty determining the motives for the murder. Maybe they should read this and get a clue:
JTA reports: Frank Dimant, a friend of the family and the executive vice president of B’nai Brith Canada, said the stabbing was the result of a hate culture that has been allowed to grow in Canada “thanks to some of the media in this country and thanks to some of the unions and thanks to the anti-Israel bashing that demonizes Jews.”
“Here we have individuals who were apparently skinheads, which seems to be a clear statement of their ideology,” Dimant said. “They come into a Jewish restaurant in a Jewish neighborhood to cause trouble, and they kill a Jew. I don´t think they necessarily have to scream, ‘I hate Jews.’ Their demeanor says it all.”
After viewing photographs of McBride on a police Web site, Bernie Farber of the Canadian Jewish Congress observed that his tattoos seemed to resemble those worn by some white supremacists.
Earlier in the day, an estimated 2,000 people, including Toronto’s mayor and the premier of the province of Ontario, attended Rosenzweig’s funeral.
Despite the official show of support, the murder seems to have touched a nerve in this vibrant Jewish community of about 170,000, the largest in Canada.
The community’s sense of security seems to have been violated. As they express their grief, many people are also expressing rage at the seemingly random act of violence as well as newly-vocalized fears about appearing Jewish in public.
“I hate to say it but I´m going to tell my grandchildren not to walk to shul wearing” yarmulkes, said Edmund Lipsitz, an educator and former official with the Canadian Jewish Congress, who lives two blocks from the murder site. “I thought that after going through the Holocaust I would be able to live my life peacefully, but it looks like evil times are back again, even in a city like Toronto.”

Other attacks on Jews in Canada:
In May a bomb exploded at Beth Israel Synagogue, the only synagogue in Quebec City, but caused no injuries.
The blast shattered windows, damaged a door and left black powder stains on the walls of the single-story stucco building.
In April, arsonists struck historic synagogues in Toronto and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage to holy books and property.
Vandals have defaced numerous other Jewish buildings, including the Toronto headquarters of Reena, a Jewish charity for the disabled. Vandals painted big black swastikas in the hallway of a condominium in a Toronto Jewish neighborhood.
In Calgary, pro-Palestinian demonstrators chanted the Arabic slogan for "Death to the Jews," which constitutes illegal incitement under Canada´s anti-hate laws. A rabbi also has received death threats by telephone.
At a pro-Palestinian rally in Toronto in April, a Jewish doctor was assaulted and suffered a broken shoulder. The next day, a Holocaust survivor was pelted with an egg at a pro-Israel rally in Mississauga, Ontario. Police arrested Palestinian-Canadians at both events.
The Canadian Jewish Congress tallied 17 incidents of anti-Semitic violence and harassment from mid-March to mid-April, while B´nai Brith Canada counted 35. Source.
At Least 60 Die in Uganda Bus, Fuel Tanker Crash

Wondering why tragedies of this nature keep happening in Africa? Political rot, corruption and brutality, prevent economic development in general and infrastructure development in particular.

Uganda has experienced considerable political instability since independence from Britain in 1962. An increasingly authoritarian president, Milton Obote, was overthrown by Idi Amin in 1971. [You may remember Idi Amin's involvement in the hijacking of Air France 139 to Entebbe] Amin’s brutality and buffoonery made world headlines as hundreds of thousands of people were killed. Amin's 1978 invasion of Tanzania finally led to his demise. Tanzanian forces and Ugandan exiles routed Amin's army and prepared for Obote's return to power in the fraudulent 1980 elections. Obote and his backers from northern Uganda savagely repressed his critics, who were primarily from southern Ugandan ethnic groups. Approximately 250,000 people were killed as political opponents were tortured and murdered and soldiers terrorized the countryside. Obote was ousted for a second time in a 1985 army coup. Conditions continued to worsen until Museveni led his National Resistance Army into Kampala in January 1986. Read more.

African development lags in large part due to closed and repressive political systems, civil wars, and high degrees of corruption...
However, authoritarian African regimes continue to receive large sums of official international aid. In 2000, according to World Bank figures, a number of Africa's repressive regimes received significantly more aid per capita than the less than twenty-four-dollar average allocated by the international community to sub-Saharan Africa's democratic states.
Those countries receiving more aid per capita than the more free states include Cameroon, whose president came to power in fraudulent elections, Eritrea, which remains authoritarian, and Equatorial Guinea, whose government came to power through a process of intimidation and fraud and has arrested opposition activists. Freedom House rated all three countries "Not Free" in its latest annual global survey, Freedom in the World. The latest Freedom House reports on Africa can be found here.
"Instead of continuing to subsidize corrupt tyrannies, the G-8 should use its summit to declare a policy of explicitly rewarding and supporting democratic states and states moving decisively in the direction of respect for human rights and political pluralism," said Freedom House President Adrian Karatnycky. Read more.
MidEastTruth has a collection of cartoons that, well, tell it like it is.
Islamic incitement is alive and kicking in the U.S.:While the "mainstream" Islamic establishment--groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the American Muslim Council (AMC), and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)--offers perfunctory support for the anti-terror war and hovers around President Bush for photo ops in mosques, the poison pens of its media produce an unceasing stream of insult and loathing directed against America. One expects appeals to the extremist jihad to be heard in the streets of Karachi, in the canyons of Tora Bora, and from the government media of Saddam Hussein's Iraq. Some of the most strident voices, however, are here in the United States, directed not from the Middle East or South Asia, but from modern offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, and the Detroit suburbs.
These publications make no attempt to hide their attachments to international extremist groups. Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood--which preaches the classic neo-Wahhabi doctrine of the supremacy of Islam and condemnation of non-extremist Muslims as irreligious--receives support from at-Talib (The Student), published at UCLA by the Islamic Center of Southern California, and from Islamic Horizons, based in Plainfield, Indiana. The Jamaat-al-Islami movement, which perpetuates the same extremist mentality in Pakistan, appears to enjoy the sympathy of the Weekly Mirror International, based in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn, New York, and other papers. The Muslim Observer publishes anyone given to an exaggerated anti-U.S. idiom, and its contributors have included Osama bin Laden. Most of these media once defended the Taliban for refusing to surrender bin Laden, and most of them equivocated on his guilt last September.
The Minaret, also published in Los Angeles by the Islamic Center of Southern California, is infamous for its anti-Jewish cartoons. Its May 2002 issue features a tasteful headline: "Axis of Evil: The United States, Israel, and Arab governments," adorned by a graphic of a rattlesnake. In it, editor Aslam Abdullah accuses Israel of pursuing "a policy adopted by Henry Kissinger in 1979 that called for a final solution of the Palestinian problem." If this is not the language of incitement, what is? Keep reading.

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

In loving memory of those murdered today and yesterday by Arab terrorists. May their families never again know such sorrow.

A doctor's story: Awaiting the wounded
By Dr. Avraham Rivkind. Dr. Avraham Rivkind is head of the department of
general surgery and the trauma unit at Hadassah University Hospital in
July 14, 2002

When a human bomb goes off in Jerusalem, I know within seconds. I wear two
beepers and a cell phone, even to bed. Nearly always, driving my own car, I
can beat the first ambulances to the hospital, even if I'm asleep when the
first call comes.

The sirens blare as ambulance after ambulance pulls up in front of the main
square of Hadassah University Hospital. I wait outside, with dread in my
heart. As the doors swing open, my greatest fear is that one of my own four
children or my next-door neighbor's will be lying there among the terror
victims, so many of whom are only kids.

Our enemies choose their targets to maim our youngsters. They strike at
pizza parlors, school buses, frozen-yogurt kiosks. The medics make their own
quick decisions in the field: The worst patients are brought to Hadassah
Hospital, the only Level I trauma center from the Jordan Valley to
Beersheba. I'm in charge of that unit.

My first job is triage, instantly evaluating which treatment each patient is
to receive: being hurried onto the trauma table with a dozen top medical
experts surrounding him, wheeled away to surgery or brought to the regular
emergency room for care.

I listen to the reports of medics, I look at the patients, and I touch them.

My medical training in Israel and the United States, years of experience,
intuition and sometimes help from the Almighty--something we're not
embarrassed to talk about in Jerusalem--help me make these life-and-death

The medical challenges are daunting.

Victims with blast injuries can seem perfect on the outside but may be
burning up inside.

Several weeks ago, I kneeled over a beautiful young woman named Shiri Nagari
in the hospital parking lot. I asked her how she was feeling, and she
answered that she was OK. But I felt that something was wrong.

She was slowing down. I ordered immediate intubation to create an airway.
Some of my colleagues thought we needed to spend time on the patients with
more visible wounds. But her chest X-ray confirmed my hunch: a white
butterfly on the black background.

Shiri's lungs had exploded.

The same loud wave of air that smashes your eardrums can compress the air in
your lungs and send it to destroy the organs in your abdominal cavity. Three
concussive waves do lethal damage when a bomb explodes in an enclosed area.

We rushed Shiri to our trauma operating room, always left empty for
emergencies, and opened her up: blood in her chest and abdomen, a liver torn
apart. No matter how much blood we pumped in, she couldn't survive.

I'm 52, and like most Israelis I serve in the army too. I have seen my share
of tank injuries, unrelenting cancers and traffic accidents.

Shiri's death was the first time I ever cried at losing a patient.

I dread telling the patient's parents, but that is also part of my job. Even
less dire pronouncements are tough. Recently, after a terrorist attack in
the open-air market in Jerusalem, I had to inform a victim's wife that we
had amputated his leg. His wife flew into a rage. That's an anger I'm
familiar with. I'm always coping with my own anger that we can't pull off a
miracle for each patient.

Concussive injuries are only part of the damage caused by urban bombings.

We have been treating damage to the brain, lungs, bones and heart caused by
nails, bolts and ball bearings packed into the high-velocity bombs.

Adi Hudja, only 14, had more than 40 metal objects in her legs from the
suicide bombings on Ben Yehuda Street last December.

She was bleeding uncontrollably from her wounds. On the spot, we came up
with the idea of trying a coagulant for hemophiliacs still not approved by
the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, certainly not approved for trauma. It
costs $10,000 for a small bottle, but it worked.

Six months later, she's coming for therapy three times a week in Hadassah's
Mt. Scopus Rehab Center, and she's learning to walk. Next year, maybe she'll
be able to go back to school too. She's the same age as one of my daughters.

Clock is ticking

No matter the sophistication of medical care, speed counts. Most of the
thousands of procedures we surgeons in my department do each year are
elective, but trauma is different. Our chief trauma nurse, Etti Ben Yaakov,
always talks about the "golden hour" we have to save our patients' lives.

She's right.

The clock is ticking from the obscene sound of the blast. In the trauma
center, I am assisted by a remarkable team of doctors, nurses and
technicians. Suicide-blast victims almost all need multidisciplinary care.

We need to figure out who's going first: the neurosurgeon, the vascular
surgeon, the general surgeon, the orthopedic surgeon, the facial surgeon?
Even in the middle of the night, doctors and nurses and technicians and
cleaning staff arrive at the hospital without even being called.

Who will do the anesthesia? Hands fly up: Our entire operating room staff is
ready for an unscheduled shift.

Every decision I make is informed by my core belief that every patient wants
to live. Sometimes this credo forces me to try so-called heroic surgery when
everything seems lost.

In October 2000, Shimon Ohana, an 18-year-old border police officer, was
declared dead in the field. But I asked the ambulance driver to bring him to
the hospital. Some decisions are hard to make in the field. I uncovered him,
we opened his chest cavity and began to work. He came back to life but
remained in a coma for 17 days.

At last, he woke up.

Today, he is a fully functioning young man who trains dogs and loves
computers. He lives in Beersheba, but he often comes to Hadassah Hospital
for follow-up care or to encourage our other patients. I can't resist
hugging him: He's my continued reminder that we can't give up hope.

Everyone treated equally

The lines of ambulances, inevitably, bring a fair percentage of Arab

We can't tell whether they are perpetrators or victims. Even if we could, it
wouldn't matter: Everyone who enters the Hadassah Hospital courtyard is
treated equally.

And yes, I have operated on terrorists.

Once, I was awakened at 2 a.m. on the Sabbath to do emergency surgery on a
terrorist who had been injured while he was being apprehended. I had seen
the grisly results of his bus bombings.

More than any other question, friends and visitors and even patients want to
know how I feel using my medical training to save the lives of these mass

Because I'm a doctor, a believing Jew, a human being, I would never allow a
patient to die whom I could save. But this saving of life is more than my
medical requirements: It's a mission.

By fixing the holes in their chests and bellies, I'm making a statement that
I'm not like those forces of darkness that want to engulf this country in

Do they understand? I haven't the slightest doubt that they do. They thank
me. They look at me differently. I and my people are no longer the demons of
their ugly propaganda. And they suddenly comprehend what the American women
of Hadassah who established our hospital and most of the hospitals and
clinics in this land with no regard for race or creed understood 90 years

The Hadassah motto is taken from the prophet Jeremiah who cried for the
"healing of my people."

The healing of all peoples is the only way to rescue the future of this
Copyright (c) 2002, Chicago Tribune
At about 10:15pm, two suicide bombers wearing explosive belts containing about 15 kilograms of explosives detonated the powerful bombs on Solomon Street, in the southern Tel Aviv neighborhood of N'vei Sha'anan. The blast occurred near the Central Theater, a movie theater frequented by foreign laborers. There were many persons in the area of the theater and a nearby café when the bombs were detonated...Hospital officials confirm the victims were showered in a large quantity of shrapnel and nails that were contained in the bombs...Hospitals are encountering difficulty in communicating with the many foreigners who are from several countries. At 11:45pm, Israel Radio aired an update on the attack in Romanian to assist the many Romanian laborers in Israel.

Emanuel Terrorists Claim Two More
The terrorists responsible for yesterday's attack near the Shomron community of Emanuel added two more Jews to their list of victims today: a several-hours old baby, and an IDF officer. The baby's mother, 22-year-old Yehudit Weinberg, was serious wounded in the attack, and doctors at Schneider Children's Hospital in Petach Tikvah performed an emergency Caesarian section last night. This morning, however, the baby boy succumbed to wounds he suffered while still in the womb.
Also this morning, after hours of pursuit of the terrorists since yesterday, soldiers spotted the killers in a valley near Emanuel. Lt. Elad Grandir, 21, of Haifa, was killed in the ensuing shoot-out, and three other soldiers were wounded, including one seriously. One terrorist was also killed.
Several of the victims are hospitalized in serious condition. The attack was the first fatal terrorist assault in 26 days, more than a week longer than any other similar period since the Oslo War began. Capt. Haggai Lev was killed when Arabs in Rafiach ambushed his unit during its search for arms-smuggling tunnels last week.
The seven other dead in yesterday's attack are:
Nine-month-old Tif'eret Sarah Shilon (her twin sister Galia Esther was unhurt, but her 2-year-old brother Or Chaim is listed in moderate condition);
her father Gal, 30 - who was killed after being informed of the attack and rushing from home to try to help;
Gal’s mother-in-law Zilpa Kashi, 65;
Yonatan Gamliel, 16, a yeshiva student in Bnei Brak. He called his mother after the shooting to say he was OK, and was killed shortly afterwards;
Ilana Siton, 35;
Karen Kashani, 20;
Galilah Ades, 46.

Their last moments. (Thanks to Oceanguy for posting the link.)

Today is Tisha B'Av, the 9th of Av, a Jewish holiday which commemorates the destruction of the Temple. It is a day of mourning.

Soldiers discovered a powerful bomb last night in Israel’s southern Mediterranean Coastal area. Sappers destroyed the device, which weighed around 80 kilograms (175 lbs.) Arabs have used similar sized bombs to blow apart two IDF Merkava tanks in the past... Palestinian terrorists opened fire on IDF positions near the Gush Katif communities of Netzarim and N'vei Dekalim, and a bomb was found and safety detonated near Shilo, north of Jerusalem; no injuries were reported in either incident.
A woman terrorist member of Tanzim who planned to commit a suicide attack was arrested yesterday near Jenin.

Please, help the wounded, help the families.

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Laurence has surpassed himself again. The terrorist 12 step program.
NYTimes reports on Our Friends The Saudis: Bookshops in the holy cities of Mecca and Medina..sell a 1,265-page souvenir tome that is a kind of "greatest hits" of fatwas on modern life. It is strewn with rulings on shunning non-Muslims: don't smile at them, don't wish them well on their holidays, don't address them as "friend."
A fatwa from Sheik Muhammad bin Othaimeen, whose funeral last year attracted hundreds of thousands of mourners, tackles whether good Muslims can live in infidel lands. The faithful who must live abroad should "harbor enmity and hatred for the infidels and refrain from taking them as friends," it reads in part.
Saudis in general, and senior princes in particular, reject the notion that this kind of teaching helps spawns terrorists.
"Well, of course I hate you because you are Christian, but that doesn't mean I want to kill you," a professor of Islamic law in Riyadh explains to a visiting reporter.

Thanks buddy, good to know.
"Gunmen dressed as Hindu holy men threw grenades and opened fire in a crowded slum in Indian Kashmir" yesterday, killing at least 25 people, the Washington Post reports. "No group has asserted responsibility for the attack, but authorities in Kashmir said they suspected Lashkar-i-Taiba, an Islamic group based in Pakistan, the Associated Press reported." from the Washington Post via OpinionJournal.
Taranto is on a roll. Check out best of the web today.
Israeli consul-general, Alon Pinkas, was denied a seat on the National Airlines red-eye flight from San Francisco
to New York last week.
Pinkas was grounded in San Francisco last week when a pilot with the Las Vegas-based airline refused to let the high-ranking diplomat board a flight with his wife, Revital, and his security team, said a source close to the issue.
Well, I'll keep that in mind when I choose airlines. I guess National is not confident enough in its security procedures to keep passengers from being targets. Good to know. They won't be getting any of my business.
A car bomb exploded approximately 200 meters from a synagogue in central Helsinki today, killing a Finnish man and injuring another, police said.
Guess how Finnish law enforcement is reacting...Ya, you guessed right, they took a page right out of the FBI playbook:
The car bomb may not be related to the current Middle East security crisis, Detective Chief Inspector Olli Toyras told The Associated Press. "We are treating this as an isolated incident," said Toyras. "We don't believe there are any terrorism or political links."
I guess someone was just trying to kill someone else for sleeping with his wife and just happened to do it near a Synagogue.. Yeah, that's it. Couldn't possibly be terrorism, I mean, really, in this day and age who would possibly be going around trying to kill Jews???
Invest in Israel. Buy Israel bonds.
Yet another reason to counter the Arab boycott and visit Starbucks: Three coffees a day keeps dementia at bay -
DRINKING at least three cups of coffee a day can reduce the risk of developing alzheimers disease by as much as 60 per cent.
The NYTimes reports: German police are examining the activities of a former religious leader at a small mosque here who preached murderous hatred of the United States to Mohamed Atta and others who planned and executed the attacks on Sept. 11... al-Fazazi, preached an unusually heated [I wonder why they find it so unusual - it seems to be quite common mosque rhetoric. They should have checked for some translations of mosque-speech] stream of anti-Western and anti-Jewish abuse at the mosque, called Al Quds. Mr. Atta, the presumed organizer of the attacks and pilot of one of the aircraft that hit the World Trade Center, attended the mosque, as did other members of the Hamburg cell...Fazazi said that "Christians and Jews should have their throats slit" and called on followers to "fight the Americans as long as they are keeping Muslims in prison," according to videotaped sermons seized earlier this month in raids by the Hamburg state police on a bookstore two blocks from the mosque.
Arab Terrorists Murder Seven Near Emmanuel
Seven Israelis were murdered this afternoon and seventeen wounded when several Arab terrorists dressed as Israeli soldiers detonated a roadside bomb alongside a public bus near the Shomron community of Emmanuel, 20 miles east of Tel Aviv. After the initial blast, fleeing passengers were greeted by a barrage of short range gunfire from the terrorists who lay in ambush...Six are seriously wounded including one 15-year-old boy who is in critical condition. A woman in her ninth month of pregnancy was lightly wounded...The same #189 bus line, traveling from B'nei Brak to Emmanuel, was targeted seven months ago by Arab terrorists in nearly the same location. Eleven Israelis were murdered in that attack and scores more were wounded. Following the December attack, authorities bulletproofed all buses traveling in the Shomron.
The terrorists fled towards the nearby PLO-controlled town of Shechem. An IDF manhunt is currently underway. Yasser Arafat's Fatah terror gang has taken responsibility for the attack. The incident comes just hours before the Middle East "Quartet" is scheduled to meet in New York

Gil Shterzer has more info.

Help the wounded, help the families. Please give generously.

Monday, July 15, 2002

The Israeli army found another picture of a gun toting Palestinian baby. I suppose the Palestinians are going to claim it's a joke again. A joke only in a culture that glorifies death.

A friend was telling me today about an incident he witnessed years ago in the West Bank. He was in reserve duty at a viewing post, when two Palestinian Arab men came by grinning from ear to ear and holding a basket. They put it down. He was worried it was a bomb. He said, Shu Hada, which is Arabic for what is it. And they, smiling, showed him a severed head of a woman. It was a father and son, and they just murdered the daughter of the family for besmirching the family honor. They were smiling. They were proud of themselves.
You tell me how to negotiate with these people. Israel is a bastion of democracy and civilization and love of life, an island of life trapped in a sea of Jihad driven death worshippers.
EU hypocrisy regarding Iran eloquently written by Evelyn Gordon in the Jerusalem Post:

...In a country where so much liberal activism is clashing head-on with so much repression, the response of the world's self-proclaimed champion of human rights should be obvious: Fund the reformists and starve the regime.
Yet the EU has been doing precisely the opposite: It has actively encouraged European companies to invest in projects that funnel money to the Iranian government.
In fact, to ensure that European firms were left in no doubt about their governments' desires, the EU even passed legislation making it illegal for European companies to comply with the US boycott on doing business with Iran.
The result is that the EU is now Iran's largest trading partner and most of these deals put money straight into the regime's pockets.
...Not content with this, last month the EU's foreign ministers agreed to seek a formal trade and economic cooperation pact with Iran without imposing any conditions regarding an improvement in Teheran's human rights record.
BUT THE climax came last week, when the Iranian government held its first foreign bond issue since the 1979 Islamic revolution.
Money raised through the sale of government bonds obviously goes directly into the state treasury meaning it is used to fund the salaries of the police who beat up student demonstrators, and to build the jails into which reform-minded journalists are thrown. (It also pays for the Katyusha rockets and bombs with which Teheran supplies Hizbullah and Palestinian terror organizations, but even the highest stickler would not expect the EU to concern itself with that.)
A bond issue does not even offer the pitiful excuse available to the oil deals: that of creating jobs for ordinary Iranians.
Thus, if ever there was an event in which nations that claim to care about human rights should refuse to participate, last week's bond issue was it.
Instead, the 500 million euro ($497.1 million) issue was underwritten by two major European banks, Germany's Commerzbank AG and France's BNP Paribas SA. And 40% of the issue which was oversubscribed by more than 20% was snapped up by European (primarily German and British) institutional investors (Middle Eastern buyers took most of the rest).
European hypocrisy has caused great suffering to Israel, as EU money has played a major role in the PA's terrorist war against this country. But Europe's hypocrisy has arguably caused even greater suffering to millions of Iranians, Palestinians and others all those whose vicious, repressive governments are propped up with European cash.
Were the EU ever to put its money where its mouth is i.e. to make its trade and investment policies at least minimally conformable to its pious platitudes on human rights it would provide an incalculable boost for democracy and freedom in the region.
Unfortunately, that seems about as likely as Saddam Hussein voluntarily ceding power.
If you been confused by misleading converage regarding the proposed (and now scrapped) Israel Land Bill, read this (Thanks to EG for writing this):

I have been following the NY Times' coverage of a bill that was proposed by the Israeli cabinet last week, that would make it "possible to allot lands for Jewish settlers only if the Defense Minister determined that those settlement areas were high security risks, or if there was a government decision to preserve an area's unified cultural, ideological, and communal way of life." The cabinet voted to shelf the bill yesterday as a result of the intense opposition to it across the Israeli political spectrum.

The Times ran two articles on the bill that were blatant distortions; they implied that there is a major conflict between the idea of a "Jewish" state and the rights of Arab-Israeli citizens, thus covertly discrediting Jewish nationalism :

Monday July 9th "Plan to keep Arabs of some land is backed" :
Monday July 15th, "Israel backs off bill to curb arab home buying":

(1) The description of the bill is blatantly wrong.
The articles falsely claim that the bill would bar Arabs from buying any state land, or living in any Jewish communities on state land - the implication was clear: the bill would institute official apartheid:
"The bill, which would amend an existing law, says that state land allocated to build communities in Israel will be "for Jewish settlement only." More than 90 percent of the land in Israel is state owned or controlled; home purchases on such land are in effect long-term leases. The bill seeks to entrench this mechanism, which was designed to keep land in Jewish hands." Monday July 9th

"The bill ... would require that state land would be used 'for Jewish settlement' only.' More than 90 percent of the land in Israel is owned or controlled by the state". Monday July 15th.

False: the bill would "permit" Jewish-only settlements, under certain circumstances - that is very different than a bill that mandates them and forbids Arabs from buying any state land.

(2) The coverage did not mention the degree of opposition the bill immediately faced across the political spectrum:

The first article only mentioned two individual Israeli politicians who opposed the bill - the Attorney General, andYossi Sarid. They used an extremely inflammatory quote by Sarid, on which the article ended :

"Yossi Sarid, leader of the opposition Meretz Party, was more blunt. The government was "turning Israel into a racist state," he said, "perhaps the most racist in the family of democratic nations."

It did not mention that prominent politicans on the right and center, not just labor politicians, were vocal in their opposition to the bill, including Dan Meridor and Benjamin Begin (Menachem Begin's son) who ended 3 years of public silence since resigning from politics to call the bill "undemocratic" and "unworthy".

The article not mention how they all referred to Israel's declaration of independence, which guaranteed equal rights for its Arab citizens, and clearly expressed their view that Zionism - Jewish Nationalism - must be inclusive. The one mention of Israel's commitment to equal rights in the article implied that Israelis have forgotten about it:

"Mr. Kaadan, [an Arab who sought to buy land in a Jewish settlement] on the other hand, said that sponsors of the bill sought to "create a new apartheid," and that ministers supporting the legislation had forgotten Israel's declaration of independence, which promises equal rights to all citizens."

Well, the majority of the political spectrum in Israel did not foget the declaration of independence, and strongly stood by as they expressed their opposition to the bill. Clearly even the limited discirmination proposed by the bill did not go over well in Israel - the kind of full-fledged discrimination that the articles described would be virtually impossible to pass unless Israel had a constitutional change.This was not conveyed in any of the articles; in fact, the very opposite was implied.

(3) Neither article mentioned related information that would place the bill in a different light:

The bill drew on a previous High Court ruling that allowed the creation of Bedouin-only communities to preserve their unique traditions.
The Palestinian Authority, in contrast, does forbid Palestinians from selling land to Jews - it is a capital offense.
Statements by Palestinian Authority officials forbidding sale of land to Jews.
When this made the news in 1997, the media was reaction focused on Israel instead: "The recent statement by Palestinian Justice Minister Frei Abu Meddein invoking the death penalty for those Arabs selling land to Jews, and the subsequent killings of Arab land dealers, have prompted a rash of media reports drawing attention to Israeli land policies" CAMERA, 1997. The difference in responses is glaring.
For information on the bill:

Thanks to Oceanguy for posting this:
To show our support for the Iranian people, we each have agreed to display this letter on our pages from sunrise to sunset today, Tehran time.
We are not politicians, nor are we generals. We hold no power to dispatch diplomats to negotiate; we can send no troops to defend those who choose to risk their lives in the cause of freedom.
What power we have is in our words, and in our thoughts. And it is that strength which we offer to the people of Iran on this day.
Across the diverse and often contentious world of weblogs, each of us has chosen to put aside our differences and come together today to declare our unanimity on the following simple principles:
- That the people of Iran are allies of free men and women everywhere in the world, and deserve to live under a government of their own choosing, which respects their own personal liberties.
- That the current Iranian regime has failed to create a free and prosperous society, and attempts to mask its own failures by repression and tyranny.
We do not presume to know what is best for the people of Iran; but we are firm in our conviction that the policies of the current government stand in the way of the Iranians ability to make those choices for themselves.
And so we urge our own governments to turn their attention to Iran. The leaders and diplomats of the world's democracies must be clear in their opposition to the repressive actions of the current Iranian regime, but even more importantly, must be clear in their support for the aspirations of the Iranian people.
And to the people of Iran, we say: You are not alone. We see your demonstrations in the streets; we hear of your newspapers falling to censorship; and we watch with anticipation as you join the community of the Internet in greater and greater numbers. Our hopes are with you in your struggle for freedom. We cannot and will not presume to tell you the correct path to freedom; that is for you to choose. But we look forward to the day when we can welcome your nation into the community of free societies of the world, for we know with deepest certainty that such a day will come.

Read more about the President's call for freedom in Iran.

Sunday, July 14, 2002

Israeli forces captured a Palestinian who was planning a suicide attack on Israel. CNN.
IDF reservists prevented a large-scale car bomb attack inside Israel Friday night, after spotting a carrigged with explosives near Kalkilya.
More info on the above two averted attacks.

Jewish father of six slain at Toronto pizzeria by skinheads.
UPDATE: The man murdered in Toronto was Israeli:
Israel National News reports Toronto police have apparently arrested a member of a neo-Nazi group in connection with the murder early this morning of an Israeli resident of Toronto. The victim, a father of six, was stabbed to death in or outside a Jewish pizza shop in the Canadian city while celebrating his 49th birthday.
In another hate crime, a synagogue in the town of Swansea, Wales, was targeted this past Thursday. Vandals destroyed at least one Torah scroll and painted swastikas on the wall, and also attempted to set the building ablaze. Synagogue officials said that a 300-year-old Torah scroll was torn apart and left outside the synagogue.
Malki Roth was murdered by an Arab terrorist in the S'Barro's bombing back in August 2001 at the age of 15. Take a moment to remember this young women and read about the Foundation her family has created to memorialize her: "Our goals are to remember the life of our daughter and sister, Malka Chana Roth, zichrona livracha (of blessed memory), while at the same time providing a solution for the special needs of families in Israel caring at home for children with severe disabilities."
Thanks to Laurence for posting the link.
WARNING. GRAPHIC AND DISTURBING IMAGES. These are the war crimes committed by Arafat and his henchmen against their brother Arabs in the Palestinian Authority.
Thanks to LGF for posting this link.