Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Save the Children demands that the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights, Sergio Vieira de Mello, appoint a committee to investigate the deliberate targeting of children by Palestinian terror organisations. Such activity is a War Crime under the Geneva Convention.

The High Commissioner's address is: OHCHR-UNOG, 8-14 Avenue de la Paix, 1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland.

His telephone number in Geneva is (41-22) 917-9000.

His fax number is (41-22) 917 9010.

Every reader and every blogger should phone him up and ask him when he is going to investigate this war crime against children.
The tide of unrest in Iran is rising and looks like it will vomit the mullahs on the shores of destruction. let's hope this is the beginning of the end for the Islamist dictators of Iran.
Why the Left Really Hates Israel
By Dennis Prager November 13, 2002

Why does the left support the Palestinians against Israel?

The question is rarely asked. It is simply taken for granted
that the left -- Europe, the Western news media, the universities, the
liberal churches, the arts world -- supports the Palestinians and the
larger Arab/Muslim worlds in their war against Israel.

But the question does need to be asked. For it is completely
inconsistent with the left's professed values to side with
Israel's enemies. Just about every value the left claims to
uphold Israel upholds and its enemies do not.

The left speaks about its passion for democracy ("power to the
people"). Yet it is Israel that is a fully functioning democracy, as
opposed to all of its Arab and Muslim enemies. Yasser Arafat is
precisely the self-aggrandizing, corrupt dictator-type that the left
claims to hold in contempt.

The left claims to have particular concern for women's rights.
Yet it is Israel that has as highly developed a feminist
movement as that of any Western country. It is Israel that
conscripted women into its armed forces before almost any
Western country. At the same time, the state of women's rights
among Israel's Muslim enemies is perhaps the lowest in the

The left's greatest current preoccupation is with gay rights.
Yet it is Israel that has annual gay pride days, while Egypt
and other Arab and Muslim countries arrest homosexuals.

It is Israel that has an independent and highly liberal
judiciary. It is Israel that has a leftist press. It is Israel
that has been governed more by leftist, even socialist, parties
than by rightist ones. Israel's enemies have none of this.

So, why isn't the left out there leading pro-Israel

The answer is as important as it is contemptible.

In general, the left does not care about women, independent
judiciaries, minorities, democracy, gays or almost anything
else for which it marches. That is why the left opposed
America's war in Afghanistan, which liberated women from
being treated like animals.

Nearly all the causes the left speaks for are noble-sounding
covers for its real agenda -- the overthrowing of Western,
especially Judeo-Christian and capitalist, values. Remember
the chant at Stanford, "Hey, hey, ho ho, Western civ has got
to go"? That is what animates the left.

In psychoanalytic terms, it is antagonism to one's father
and his values. In a commencement speech he gave this year,
the former president of Dartmouth College, James O. Freedman,
a man of the left, said that the purpose of a college
education is "to question your father's values." Those of
us not on the left believe that the purpose of a college
education is to discover what is true and what is good.

America embodies all that the left dislikes. It is the most
religious of the industrialized democracies (proudly and
uniquely Judeo-Christian). It is also the most capitalist.
And, what drives the left especially crazy is that with
all this religion and capitalism, America is the most powerful
force on earth -- economically, militarily and culturally.

Israel is Little America. It, too, is religious (though a
secular state like the United States, it is proudly Jewish).
It, too, celebrates capitalism. There are no demonstrations
in Israel against McDonald's. On the contrary, even before
McDonald's opened there, Hebrew replicas like "McDavid's"
were established.

And Israel, like America, celebrates its national identity,
not the "world" identity that the left affirms. The left
loathes nationalism unless it is anti-Western, like Palestinian
or Cuban. America does not jump to attention when world
treaties are signed and Israel is the U.N.'s pariah, rendering
America and Israel the left's "axis of evil," far more reviled
than Iran, Iraq and North Korea.

The question, "Why does the left support the Palestinians?"
is an extremely important one. At this time in history nothing
so illustrates the left's nihilism as does its support of the
Palestinians against Israel.
How YOU can help defeat terror.

Wow. Read THIS as a followup.
Muslims who wish to speak up against the Saudi culture of hate are silenced by the American Muslim establishment (which is financed by the Saudis.)